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  1. Hi Sam thanks The lure was a Rapala X-RAP magnum dive bait 10 feet Woodsy
  2. Thanks for the replies fellas Woodsy
  3. Thanks Scratchie, I have private messaged you before about fishing up the bay, well I’m heading up there between the 7th dec to the 14th so I hope I can pick your brain a bit then or maybe tag along in my boat on 1 of your trips. Thanks mate Woodsy
  4. Hey Raiders First post, I got on the water yesterday at 1.30pm headed out through Swansea Heads conditions were good. Got out to 40m and had a drift for flathead but within 30mins of being out the wind and chop came right up and made things very uncomfortable, so headed into the end of Mawson break wall and anchored up for a while, only pulling in few reef fish. So headed back towards Swansea with 1 lure out and picked up 2 nice bonito. Then headed up the Chanel to the drop over in Lake Macquarie anchored near 1 of the markers cut the bonito up and finished with 2 flatties 50cm 55cm a decent bream and flounder then headed back to ramp about 7.15 when the lightening started. Gave the bream and flounder to the next door neighbor and had a bloody nice beer battered flatly and chip lunch today with the daughter. Sorry no pictures didn’t think I would ever put a post on here. Woodsy