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    Hi Koalaboi; Many thanks for the proper name of the beast. Narrabeen or Pelican itch would be I think a purely local name. Probably it is called " Entrance Itch " There. Any other number of local names in other areas. Surprised to hear it is a form of bilharzia. A lot of old diggers (WW2 ) who served in South East Asia or were POW 'S Referred to this disease as " Bill Harris ". That Species could be fatal. Again Many Thanks. Cheers. Oldfella.

    Hullo All; With all the reports of big flatties coming out of Narrabeen Lake a quick word. All the regulars will know about this but a lot of newcomers to the Lake may not. This time of the year with warm water and possibly the lake closed there is a very nasty little parasite shows up. It is called " Pelican Itch " or " Narrabeen Itch." It is especially common in the top end of the lake. According to the boffins it is a tiny little beast that lives in the surface tension of the water. When wet wading you can be affected. Sometimes you can see a red mark on the for want of a better word the " high tide ' level where you have been wading. Otherwise no visible signs. But , a couple of hours later the itching can be very uncomfortable. On kids it can be unbearable for them. So , the best idea is after fishing wash with hot soap and water and if possible rub the legs with metho. For kids a cream like Stop Itch or Soove would be cheap insurance. Reason being if the kids or anyone scratch it and break the skin it can become infected. For us older fossils the metho treatment followed by a trip to your favourite watering hole for some internal antiseptic is highly recommended!! Cheers. Oldfella.
  3. Narrabeen Lake Croc Hunting

    Hi Again DRC; Not talking luderick this time. A tip; If you are in a kayak or dinghy and you hook a big flattie paddle gently to the nearest shore. As long as you DO NOT take a flattie off the horizontal you can \lead them around like a dog. The instant you lift their heads they start shaking and you are in strife. I have been 100 metres or more of the bank and have led them ashore with no worries. Give it a go. Cheers. Oldfella
  4. Kingies On the Flats??

    Hi Guys; Just a suggestion. When whatever the fish seen are finicky like that a one inch S.P. in clear with a blue fleck has been successful for me. Might have to hunt around to find them though. Also of course , light jig heads and line. Cheers. Oldfella.
  5. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    Hi Again All; Firstly I want to apologise re the gentleman that made the observations on the bite. I saw him on the news last night and he is certainly NOT a book boffin. BUT no apologies to the media!! It seems the great white has taken over as the medias favourite A few years ago any shark that was sighted was "a "12 foot grey nurse.:" Any reptile sighted was a "6 foot black snake." Hopefully in the media these two veterans have ben given a well deserved retirement. I have been involved in motor sports as an official for over 40 years. And I can assure you any serious racing incidents I attended were NOT the ones reported in the media. A bit of sticking to the facts would go a long way. Cheers. OLdfella. .
  6. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    Hullo All; Must be getting old and cranky. The report in the media on the lady whose leg was injured at La Perouse. (1) How the bloody hell did they know it was a " great White."?? (2) The so called boffin even gave the size of the thing!!. 3.4 metres the " expert " said. In the old measurement that is near as dammit to 10 feet!! If it was a 10 foot Great White it would have taken her leg off and not even burped!! About time the both of them got out of the textbooks and into the real world. Personally I would think it was a small Bronze Whaler or something similar' Soapbox now packed away Time for a beer. Cheers. Oldfella.
  7. Best mono for Alveys ?

    Hi Again Fellas; I think that Gladiator fishing tackle are the Australian agents. Drop them an email and I think they will help you out. Cheers. Oldfella.
  8. Best mono for Alveys ?

    Hi Fellas; Do a bit of Googling and you will find someone who stocks or can get Tortue for you. Just rememberto take the "crankiness" out of the line soak the spool in hot tap water for around 20 minutes before winding it on. Have used Tortue on Alveys , eggbeaters , centrepins and baitcasters for more years than I would like to think about!! Cheers. Oldfella.
  9. If only I was in Port Stephens...

    Hi Guys; Anyone around Port Stephens ; BEWARE BEWARE!!! According to the Greenies, misinformed idiots et,c, . The kingies are going to eat slow moving kids , dogs and anything that puts a toe in the water! Anybody with kids tonight had better serve them a Valium sandwich for dinner to calm them down! What a load of complete BS.!! By the sound of it the East Coast this summer is lousy with the bloody things!! Pity we cannot have an open season on idiots Must go and consume a Boags to calm down' Bottoms Up!! Oldfella.
  10. Maggots!

    Hi All; Nothing suspicious going on. Just a normal thing for the Northern Beaches. As you may be aware there are huge kelp beds out off the coast. Also there is a huge sandbar that stretches basically from North Head to Nobby,s. That is why vessels waiting for a berth in Sydney or Newcastle moor out there. Good holding ground for anchors. There can at times. be a combination of big seas and ships swinging round the anchor break off the kelp and if an on shore wind it ends up on the beaches. When it gets half buried in the sand especially in hot humid weather it ferments (goes half rotten ) and gets fly blown. Result , kelp maggots in huge numbers. All the real old hands used to make a bee line to fish the beaches. Would be the best natural berley going (maybe a dead heat between these and rotten cunjie.) All fish love them. Just a normal part of nature. Media or do gooders yelling and screaming can do absolutely bugger all. Probably been going on for thousands of years. Hope this may be of help. Cheers. Oldfella.
  11. Why knot

    Hi Fab; Well done for having a go at basically a dying art. To make it easier for you I suggest you try to get hold of a net needle. Might be a bit hard to find now but they were available made of plastic. The old ones were made of anything from local hardwood , bone to Brass. I have two of my Grandfathers needles. One made of Mulga wood and the other hand carved from a beef rib bone ( I think.) Anyhow Google it up and see what you can find. Cheers. Oldfella.
  12. Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Hi Kingierun; A few nasty gashes. Being oyster cuts you will have to be extremely wary of infection. A painful way to find out but; NO BLOODY BIT OF GEAR IS WORTH THAT!!! If you get reefed break the thing off!! To replace the bit of gear would be around 1% or less of the bills to mend the hole. Put this in the file in the front. Under; "YOU DON"T DO THAT THERE "ERE!! Take things easy. Cheers. OLdfella.
  13. Kings at Pittwater

    Hullo Boss Lady; Well said and beautifully put!! I am no spring chicken but every time I fish it brings back a heap of memories of the old hands, Probably ( almost certainly I am a better person from meeting these old blokes. From sitting on a rock being shown how to rig up to being attached to a bait pump whilst instructions were given. Also being taught etiquette in fishing and dealing with people. Would not hurt a majority of the yoof these days! Mind you some of these old blokes were pretty hard bitten. One old fella that was a luderick specialist off the rocks was a good teacher. First mistake you were told , second mistake you were REA LLY told third mistake you got a light clip under the ear or a kick in the bum!! Strangely you never made a fourth. They were just like a team of grandfathers or uncles. When we grew up a bit it used to be a pleasure fishing with them and after adjourning to the local water hole for a beer, Lot of fishing problems ironrd out and quite a few personal ones too. That is why I give the younger ones all the help I can. Again well done!! Cheers. Oldfella.
  14. Kings at Pittwater

    Hi Again L A, That sandy hole behind the rock heap previously mentioned would be worth a go. Also Bayview Wharf. That could be tiger country though with the marina there on your left. Directly out in front of the wharf could be another spot to try. Could be one sitting in the shadows under your feet Only thing there is the wharf used to be a lot longer than it is now and there is a heap of old piles etc on the bottom. Another spot that could be worth a shot . Opposite the Pub on the end of the sand there is a starboard hand channel marker, (green.) About 20 metres or so back towards the ramp there is usually and eddy where baitfish shelter. Usually small mullet , hardiheads and at times small garfish. A few casts there may help. Let me know if any success. Cheers. Oldfella.
  15. Kings at Pittwater

    Hi mate; Think if I was going to try a fly around Rowland Reserve personally I would be thinking about either a yabbie or a squirt worm pattern. Do not think a weed fly would be very successful this time of year. If you are going to wander further on over the weeds between the Sea Scout Hall and Bayview Baths maybe a throw or two with a shrimp patters might be worth a go. Anyway , using a yabbie or a worm pattern could result in whiting , a flaiite or a flounder. Also don't forget the sandy hole behind the rock heap out from the Scout Hall. There have been some strange beasties come out of there over the years! Best of luck. Cheers. Oldfella