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  1. Why knot

    Hi Fab; Well done for having a go at basically a dying art. To make it easier for you I suggest you try to get hold of a net needle. Might be a bit hard to find now but they were available made of plastic. The old ones were made of anything from local hardwood , bone to Brass. I have two of my Grandfathers needles. One made of Mulga wood and the other hand carved from a beef rib bone ( I think.) Anyhow Google it up and see what you can find. Cheers. Oldfella.
  2. Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Hi Kingierun; A few nasty gashes. Being oyster cuts you will have to be extremely wary of infection. A painful way to find out but; NO BLOODY BIT OF GEAR IS WORTH THAT!!! If you get reefed break the thing off!! To replace the bit of gear would be around 1% or less of the bills to mend the hole. Put this in the file in the front. Under; "YOU DON"T DO THAT THERE "ERE!! Take things easy. Cheers. OLdfella.
  3. Kings at Pittwater

    Hullo Boss Lady; Well said and beautifully put!! I am no spring chicken but every time I fish it brings back a heap of memories of the old hands, Probably ( almost certainly I am a better person from meeting these old blokes. From sitting on a rock being shown how to rig up to being attached to a bait pump whilst instructions were given. Also being taught etiquette in fishing and dealing with people. Would not hurt a majority of the yoof these days! Mind you some of these old blokes were pretty hard bitten. One old fella that was a luderick specialist off the rocks was a good teacher. First mistake you were told , second mistake you were REA LLY told third mistake you got a light clip under the ear or a kick in the bum!! Strangely you never made a fourth. They were just like a team of grandfathers or uncles. When we grew up a bit it used to be a pleasure fishing with them and after adjourning to the local water hole for a beer, Lot of fishing problems ironrd out and quite a few personal ones too. That is why I give the younger ones all the help I can. Again well done!! Cheers. Oldfella.
  4. Kings at Pittwater

    Hi Again L A, That sandy hole behind the rock heap previously mentioned would be worth a go. Also Bayview Wharf. That could be tiger country though with the marina there on your left. Directly out in front of the wharf could be another spot to try. Could be one sitting in the shadows under your feet Only thing there is the wharf used to be a lot longer than it is now and there is a heap of old piles etc on the bottom. Another spot that could be worth a shot . Opposite the Pub on the end of the sand there is a starboard hand channel marker, (green.) About 20 metres or so back towards the ramp there is usually and eddy where baitfish shelter. Usually small mullet , hardiheads and at times small garfish. A few casts there may help. Let me know if any success. Cheers. Oldfella.
  5. Kings at Pittwater

    Hi mate; Think if I was going to try a fly around Rowland Reserve personally I would be thinking about either a yabbie or a squirt worm pattern. Do not think a weed fly would be very successful this time of year. If you are going to wander further on over the weeds between the Sea Scout Hall and Bayview Baths maybe a throw or two with a shrimp patters might be worth a go. Anyway , using a yabbie or a worm pattern could result in whiting , a flaiite or a flounder. Also don't forget the sandy hole behind the rock heap out from the Scout Hall. There have been some strange beasties come out of there over the years! Best of luck. Cheers. Oldfella
  6. Kings at Pittwater

    Hi Siesta; Passing on info like this has got me into strife on a couple of occasions. First was a young fella that fishes the top end of Pittwater asked a couple of questions. One of the "gurus ' came out with the "it,s a big secret I will not tell you " card. I replied on open forum and near told him what rock or patch of weed to cast to. The young guy caught fish. Good luck to him. The amount of personal abusive emails I received was unbelievable Second one was one of the " legends in their own lunchtimes' was slagging off at professionals.!I pointed out if the pro fishes to the letter of the law they are primary producers This character I might add was involved in bream tournaments and was crowing how much he had won. I pointed out rather strongly that as he fished for gain or reward HE was a professional. Talk about causing a stink!! Net result was I was banned from the site!! That is why I now post here. Have to watch out sometimes. There are quite a few sensitive bar stewards around!! Cheers. Oldfella.
  7. Kings at Pittwater

    Hi Again Siesta. My Pleasure to pass on the info. I do not believe in this guff that some of the "gurus' ,"experts" "legends in their own lunctimes" carry on with. What I want to know is How the bloody hell did they learn?? I would think same as I did. Fishing with and listening to the old blokes on the wharf or wherever, The old blokes that taught me have been fishing in another place for many years , They always told us "When we have gone it is up to you young fellas to pass on what we told you"I I agree!!. You go fishing to prevent bloody ulcers not to get them Soapbox now stowed, Cheers. Oldfella.
  8. Kings at Pittwater

    Hi Siesta; You do not have to travel all round Pittwater to find kingies this time of the year. They love structure, So any wharf , marina , or large moored boat is worth a look. You usually get a strike where the light changes. A troll around Towlers Bay is always worth a go. Not only for kings , you can pick up nearly anything in there. The entrance to Mc Carrs creek is another spot to try. along with Browns Bay. Only thing is with the water being still and clear they are awfully choosey.. Fish too heavy and you will not get at touch fish too light and you will be around a mooring chain like a shot!! Same applies to the Naval wharf at Taylors point There are usually quite a few kingies in the shadows under the wharf. But if you hook one Best of British luck trying to keep it out of the piles!! I have often seen them on the flats around Rowland reserve chasing baitfish when I have been spinning for flatties. As I use a 2kg outfit for this as far as I am concerned Discretion is the Better part of Valour Hope this bit of info is of use to you. Cheers. Oldfella.
  9. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Hi DRC: Do not let the rain put you off fishing in that area. South of Rowland Reserve can fish really well after heavy rain. I have caught good fish up in there when you think you should be using a shovel!! Flathead and bream mostly. Have caught large bream in there which were full of garden snails so who knows how far up the creek alongside the High School they went. Probably near into Mona Vale shopping centre!! Lures are a bit of a lottery. Have caught fish on Gold ,bright blue and silver and poddy mullet colour. A lot of success also on a nauseus bright pink with either black bars or dots on it. Maybe it frightened them or something but it looked like nothing you would see naturally in the water! SO give it a go in the wet and anything weird or wonderful in the box chuck it in and gice it a go. You may be pleasantly surprised. OR get one hell of a shock!! Good Hunting. Cheers. Roger.
  10. ID (sentimental value)

    Hi Tash; Since you are in Sydney could I make a suggestion. Get in touch with The Australian Museum and have a chat with someone from the Marine section. Give them the photo if requested. There are some extremely talented people in there that should be able to help you. That is the Museum in College Street. Do not think the Sydney Aquarium would have the information Good Hunting. Cheers. Roger.
  11. Visitor on job site

    Hi James; If you can find a copy or Google it up look for "What Bird Is That? The author is Neville Cayley. An oldie but a goodie. Almost the Bible of Australian birds. Cheers. Roger.
  12. Visitor on job site

    H Hi Guys; I was just using a purely generic Tassie name for the bird. Boobooks,,Frogmouths are usually called Mopokes on the Island. Cheers. Roger.
  13. Visitor on job site

    Hi Fellas. Unusual to see him out in full light. Another name for him is Mopoke. That is the fella you hear at night or early in the morning. Very rarely they call on a wet day too. Cheers. Roger.
  14. Luderick specialists

    Hi mate; There are three things that could have done you. One is an extra large luderick or it could have been a black trevally or a surgeon fish. Watch yourself handling both of these. The Black trevally dorsal spines are slightly venomous. Another name for these is " Happy Moments"' If you get spiked I can assure you will be VERY unhappy! The Surgeon Fish is well named. They have razor sharp gill covers so watch this. As regards to the brown slimy weed. No good for anything. Basically just shows the water is still cold. Personally I think the brown slime puts the fish off. As the water warms up or you have a good fall of rain in the estuaries the slime disappears. That is when the fish come out of their winter mode. Hope this helps. Cheers. Oldfella.
  15. Rockfishing safty

    Hi TrailcraftII I think you will find that the photo is of the Murk at Bondi. That has been moved offshore since then I think. You must admit that anybody that went to those extremes for a feed of fish must have been hard up. If you wen tin off there you were in the poo in more ways than one!! Cheers. Roger. I