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  1. Sure was mate
  2. I had a near identical experience about 2nonths ago, about 300m up from the bridge. Hundreds of big mullet schooled together and I couldn't get anything. After a while, I tried throwing out a tiny whiting popper, jerking it a couple of times and then letting it float on the water above them with no movement at all. They would slowly suck it in and I ended up getting about six of them. They were huge, about 1.5kg each!
  3. I've been getting some beach worms lately to try for some bream off the beach at Wollongong. Had some good success last Monday, with 2 bream at 34cm and 33cm and 1 at 28cm. Also got loads of small flattys and 1 whiting. Does anyone know if the bream come on during the winter? Cheers
  4. Nice fish! I'm still trying to get my first flathead on SP. can't wait!
  5. Sorry about the wait guys, here are some photos from the day
  6. Sorry about the long wait mate, I have just been shown how to upload photos, but here is one of the photos
  7. Thanks for the help mate! Not the best pic. Though the only one I have. Now I know how to upload them, there will be more pics! cheers
  8. I do mate, though I'm trying to figure out how to get them on here as it keeps saying the file is too big?
  9. Gday Raiders, just a short report on this mornings beach fish at puckeys beach. Went yesterday arvo to get some beach worms on the low tide, which I have only tried twice before with next to no success. Though this time I found my rhythm and manages about 10 worms. fished this morning for 2 whiting and the one flathead. As soon as the whiting came on the bite, the N/E wind ripped up, making it too hard to keep fishing. Anyway, decent feed for tonight
  10. Some awesome fish there mate, well done!
  11. Good luck mate, let me know how you go
  12. Mate, if you got a really nice flat calm day, you could take it out of the break walls no problems at all. I fished out of a 13ft 35 year old Quintrex about 3km out from those break walls and cleaned up. Inside the harbour is very calm. Along the eastern break wall it averages about 12m deep and can hold some decent fish
  13. How big is the tinny mate?
  14. No mate, just me and dad in an old 13.5ft yellow quintrex