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  1. brisbane water snapper

    Nice I have heard and seen caught nice snapper around the rip bridge cheers
  2. Flatties rip Bridge

    NO worries went out yesterday for a jew but got a donut
  3. Brisbane Water Mulloway

    Better than last time huh Hopefully i try for one tomorrow in the same system might give those plastics ago
  4. Tips for fishing for bait eg yakka

    put squid on the hooks its tougher than other baits so stays on longer and mush bread in a bucket with water and throw out handfuls here n there as burley once you have burleyed them up you'll get as many as you want in 10mins
  5. Flatties rip Bridge

    just remembering all the fish i have caught recently and not reported got this at avoca rocks 65cm hopefully they thicken up over winter
  6. Flatties rip Bridge

    @masterfisho7 cheers @Scratchie i didn't skin them if you wondering why if thats what you mean by not scaling them and they got deep fried in tempura butter cheers everyone
  7. Flatties rip Bridge

    cheers and nah i was hoping for one😑
  8. Flatties rip Bridge

    Also saw kingies chasing bait around but got no hits or even interest on them
  9. Flatties rip Bridge

    Gday raiders Still a few flatties around the estuaries these two were caught drifting round moorings on 5 inch samaki bomb shads and 3/8 jig heads as it was deep water Fish were caught at about 40 mins after high The bigger one put up a decent struggle on the light gear They Also cooked up nicely Had scaled one before thinking of putting up a report Long time since last report sorry Cheers
  10. No squid

  11. Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Nice n i love the reel
  12. No squid

    Yeah an then saw kingies chasing them
  13. Stick Bait - New

    With a lot of shimanos i have found they dont tho I have a sahara (different model to spool's ) and a cazna both dont have it