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  1. Nice stuff and i was thinking of going there later on to day
  2. surface lures

    I like the Atomic pop50 in 50mm. wild prawn colour is best i reckon
  3. Brisbane Water Bream Plan B

    Nice stuff!! seems to be a fair few around in the flats and leases. didn't get any whiting?
  4. Zman plastics

    they can melt in their packaging of out in the sun so dont leave them in the sun lol.
  5. Anyone fish the pelagics at Broken Bay today

    Is there a few stripeys around? got one of Norah head on friday.
  6. Bream lures for the flats

    Atomic poppers 50mm for long cast and there not to big semi seethrough colors are much more realsitic on clear days then not see thru sp's can get annoying if theres weed look up weedles rigs
  7. Squidgy whip bait vs fish

    Samaki Thumper tails (vibes) are apparently pretty good have you seen the new squidgy bio range?
  8. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    well done mate! wish i could go out there
  9. Big bass

    Nice bass especially from a river i gotta try and get some
  10. Fishing Info at The Entrance NSW

    salt. lol u could lick the water and u could tell
  11. Tuggerah lake

    Nice stuff rick seems to be plenty on the flats at this time of year
  12. avoca 02/01/2018

    Nice report talking to a guy at a fishing shop the other day and was saying the bonnies are in the Terrigal Haven.
  13. Port Stephens Flathead Spots

    You can walk shoal bay flicking lures for flatties. would be pretty busy at this time of year tho.
  14. Jimmys Beach

    Cheers Fellas! Yeah they taste beautiful I would usually buy worms but being a public holiday couldn't get any so pumped nippers from pindimar.
  15. Jimmys Beach

    Went down port stephens for a change and got some nice whiting along with a flattie and bream. Using Nippers for bait. And 6lb flurocarbon leader