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  1. Jewfish

    ok and yeah i agree with you about the gutter thing
  2. Jewfish

    Gday raiders Recently I've been doing research on getting a jewie of the beach But I would like to hear peoples opinions on rigs and baits for the fish I am only thinking about a 60-80cm fish for starters anyway I've got a 6-10kg starlo stick 11ft and 4000 daiwa Aird with 30 lb braid There has been some great information in previous threads and would love to see some in here and maybe someone but myself could be helped Cheers ARC H
  3. Few fish this week

    awesome jewie how do you reckon shop brought beachworms would go?
  4. Toronto nsw fishing

    Walk along the foreshore to cover ground bream flathead and whiting will be there so grub style lures probably be best to cover all three fish also a popper could be fun beause its relatively shallow hope this helps somewhat good luck
  5. Jewfish

    it makes sense thanks
  6. Jewfish

    thanks a lot captain spanner! plenty of useful info in there for me 👍 dumb question but is a squid strip just cut from the hood? cheers
  7. Port Stephens- teaching the next generation!

    well done! Those bonnies are solid i would love to land myself a longtail😜
  8. Few BREAM

    nice stuff! i havent had a session that good in the estuary for a while
  9. Lesson Learned

    nice flattie 👍
  10. Sawfish in Blackwattle Bay

    they are endangered so they probably are in sydney just rare unless you mean sword fish??
  11. There is a PLOT afoot!

    Wish i was on the water
  12. Coxs River Carp-a-Thon

    how did it taste??
  13. Jb kings & snapper - 17 & 18/3/18

    Well done
  14. Little jack from around Coffs

    Nice stuff! poppers are mad fun
  15. Botany Bay Firing

    Monster jewie i mean whiting Nice stuff
  16. Night fishing buddy wanted

    Good luck! like to here a report hopefully ill be out on brissy waters somewhere saturday.
  17. Earthworms as saltwater bait

    can get beach worms at most surf beaches on central coast i think. definately get them a terrigal bend
  18. Wollongong snapper to 67

    nice haul
  19. Central Coast whiting

    Personally i find just fish the gutters for whiting. swell dosent really matter
  20. Central Coast whiting

    Nice mate! There waters warm on the central coast at the moment dont ya reckon?
  21. Gunnamatta Bay

    Solid bream
  22. Frustrating day

  23. Spots for wading around Central Coast?

    sand flats at saratoga
  24. Balmain Blackfish

    nice blackies!