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  1. nice stuff mate! there has been some big flatties around recently i reckon itll be a good season
  2. some sort of parrotfish?
  3. well done mate! i really need to get out there
  4. nice! did you launch from the island
  5. never ever caught or heard of one being caught.
  6. good report good to see the flatties getting around
  7. Awesome fish and a nice little creek goodstuff
  8. nice bass. good luck tomorrow
  9. yeah i havent been around there for ages now
  10. good onya mate, good to see you catching fish in those bays
  11. have you ever been spiked by a flattie?
  12. thanks for the heads up! started hailing when i was heading back from mailtland
  13. harder to troll from boat but
  14. good on him!
  15. well done hopefully its like that on the central coast
  16. grubz in bloodworm
  17. if you are getting a snap swivel the smaller the less affect it has on the action of the lure
  18. Awesome advice it happens to me a fair bit so ill try this cheers
  19. definately have samaki or zman for plastics they are made from 10x material and are tougher than the other brands which is needed for tailor.
  20. Make sure you slow your lure down and make sure its on the bottom as has already been suggested smaller lure (i love Zman grubs) all those small bites could have been tailor big or small
  21. Like jimmys there should be whiting and flatties at winda woppa fished there once before and got a flattie and some chopper tailor
  22. Golden trevally???
  23. Good to see they are there i have never tried prawning do you ever chuck one back out as a bait?
  24. yeah ok i have looked at ones on ebay so that will be good cheers
  25. I lost a samaki vibe the other day and it was a bugger, but if you doubt the quality i wouldnt do it i tend to swap to plastics in more snag prone environments