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  1. This one was caught at Maclean
  2. Forktail catfish? Catch this in the Bremer river with a few good size eels. Thanx in advance guys.
  3. Just wanted to double check if this was a black bream? Thanx in advance
  4. On hoilday in Qld for 2 weeks with the family and thought we would pop over to bribe island for the day for a fish, no more then 3 mins of throwing it in and I catch this baby, any idea what it is? Thanx in advance
  5. La Perouse catch from today, everything went back just wondering what they was
  6. Not sure what he is, still new to IDing fish any help would be great.
  7. Thanx, we threw him back anyway, he was a big one, but seams I wasn't sure it was best to put him back 😊..
  8. Would just like to double check the id on this beauty please.
  9. After a few disappointing fishing trips hubby decided to stop off at LA perouse on our way home today and try his luck and first throw out he got this beauty in about 5mins of cast out, would just like to double check this us a leatherjacket please.
  10. Thanx heaps
  11. Just want to double check if this is a yellowfin Bream guys please
  12. Thanx for all the help guys it's much appreciated.
  13. Hi I'm still learning to ID all the different types of fish and I'm stumped on these, I can't find them in any of my fish books , any help would be great.