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  1. Wamberal Beach

    There are two deeper gutters to the right ofthe surf club
  2. Wamberal Beach

    No problems - will let you know few days before hand, but need to watch the tides.
  3. Wamberal Beach

    Gents, Just thought I would let all know that the Sambo's are still at Wamberl Beach, But you need to the there for the high tide, and pay attention to your rod as they are biting very softly no real hard hits. Sorry but no photos as I released all the fish. There are some real studs among them but plenty of small pickers, mainly small sand flathead. I used a two hook rig, gang hooks and at the top a single hook with pilly pieces in case there were any bream or larger flathead, no tailor but still fun. Use the D & D formula dawn and dusk and you will have fun, just look for the deeper water,
  4. Central Coast

    Rick, Looking forward to catching up with you, fishing is always more fun when you can joke and share the experience. I will send you my phone number if you want it.
  5. Central Coast

    Mate, forgot to reply but I target Blackfish in the winter, SP for flathead but still learning, I have been spinning at the haven when the mac's are running and basically all forms of fishing including fly fishing for trout.
  6. Central Coast

    We are going to build at Wadalba and hope to move in by April next year
  7. Central Coast

    To the fishing fraternity , thank you once and all, hope to catch up with you soon
  8. Central Coast

    Dear fellow fisher's I will be moving to the Central coast next year, and love all forms of fishing from beach, boat and freshwater Fly. I have a 4.89 meter Stacy bay master with a 70 evinrude motor. If there are any central coast fishermen on line can you please give me some tips as to where to fish in this area, I don't mind travelling between the hawksbury to Swansea to even a little further. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Richard
  9. Wombral Beach

    Gutter was only 30 meters out , as for daytime at this time of the year - not sure as I never fish this beach during daytime
  10. Wombral Beach

    Went out of Friday evening to Wamberal beach - beautiful night - caught I huge sambo ( released) I tailor and a 4kg Jewfish ( sorry no photos to dark) all fish taken on pillies nothing on fresh squid. Lost two huge fish couldn't hold them on 20 kg braid - I think they could have been sharks - took off straight to NZ . There is a nice gutter in front of the surf club. If anyone is going to try hold onto your rod as the bites are very timid
  11. The entrance

    One person did get a flatty, reasonable size, but one of the guys fishing for blackfish was going to use the guts for bream bait
  12. The entrance

    All on local green weed - you can purchase it at the long jetty bait shop
  13. The entrance

    Yes - but don't sit anywhere under the trees as bird poo flies all day long
  14. The entrance

    Decided to try my luck at back fish. The guys fishing were very helpful with sharing knowledge. Ended up with a nice haul of 7 keepers and released many more. It was great to see the fishing inspector checking bag limits and licence. Always great to be near the water
  15. Eucambean iver

    The best access is from the Portal at the Denison caravan park as you can get closer to the river and then walk it. The best time is just before sunrise for about two hours and then on dusk. If your fly fishing use a glow bug (orange) with a black bead head nymph. You will need some split shots to get the flies down quickly especially if fishing the channels and runs. If lure fishing paddle tail rainbow trout plastics work as do most bright divers keep your license on you as some people got stung. Check when the season closers as I think its this weekend