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  1. Brisbane Water Mulloway

    nice jew there mate keep them coming
  2. Squid

    nice catch lovin the squid and the beer in the side of the pic
  3. awesome report bud some cracker fish caught, and thats a solid tailor there too, lucky it didnt bite through your leader
  4. Winter fishing tactics

    beach fishing is pretty good in the winter big schools of salmon and tailor come into gutters on most surf beaches
  5. what braid to buy

    sunline PE x8 is my favourite
  6. Stick Bait - New

    the samaki flash is a sinking stickbait stile lure (half metal, half plastic) which will work well for a variety of species like, kingfish, bonito and tailor etc.
  7. Morning glory

    some insane pics there JonD love the colours of the sky in the first few
  8. Estuary Perch

    some nice estuary perch there boys keep it up
  9. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    great catch there scratchie good to see you taking junior and his mate out
  10. Kings on jigs

    awesome pics jon lucky you dont have to do the chores
  11. Another One

    cracker bream bud
  12. Depth of water at entrance to Patonga Creek

    if you are heading out to sea, the right hand side of the creek is mostly dredged
  13. Bream won't take the hooks on surface lures

    you could put a scent on the lure eg. sfactor
  14. good report bud awesome to see you are still getting good results up your way
  15. Spots for wading around Central Coast?

    sand flats around ettalong for whiting and flathead