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  1. thats an awesome sunrise mate
  2. awesomereport + pics
  3. awesomejewsmate where did you get them
  4. nice report mate sounds like you had another great day out again
  5. luv the pics + report keep it up dave also nice size catfish and bass there
  6. nice looking kingie mate
  7. awesome catch + boat mate
  8. here is a chat i did about a sounder for my hobie
  9. good report mate mullet are very fun on light gear
  10. longfin is only in freshwater
  11. nice catch mate pain the big one got away always next time
  12. nice red mate and a bonus bump on the head
  13. for fresh bait go to fishermans wharf woy woy for rods, reels, lures, advice etc. i would go to freddys fishing world erina, they have great staff and awesome products
  14. willyweather
  15. looks like you had a awesome seshion mate good onya
  16. cracker flattiesmate id have that anyday
  17. shooot that is crazy!! i once watched a video of these anglers using savagegear ducks for them
  18. could have been a shark or stingray
  19. yeah ok
  20. greta report seems like it was quite active out there
  21. nice few kings there mate great job
  22. thats a cracker flattie 97cm great job guys