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  1. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    shimano raider, 2-4 or 1-3kg
  2. Yo-zuri vs Yamashita

    i like the yamashitas in orange especially with the warm jacket
  3. Brisbane Water Bream Plan B

    good to see some healthy looking bream getting around the place mate pain about the jewies though but still looked like it ended up being a cracking day
  4. Swordies bag out on crabs

    some nice crabs there guys and a couple of flatties to top it off is awesome
  5. travel rod recommendations

    http://www.a shop.com.au/Product/Shimano-Raider-travel-spin-rods/532562?isvariant=true these shimano raiders are a nice rod
  6. Kingfish- no bait needed!!! (Video)

    that video is insane jeff keep up the good stuff
  7. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    awesome video scratchie, i have never seen kings come past a boat like that before!!!! great stuff
  8. Sunrise

    yesturdays sunset at terrigal
  9. Avoca Rocks, Bonito Bonanza. Help!

    if you dont mind me asking how heavy were the hard bodies and what brand were they??
  10. quick Nymboida session

    nice work dave awesome pics
  11. Some kind of Cod? "Purple Cod"

    yeah it is a purple cod look at this article and it shows another that dirvin21 caught
  12. Bream lures for the flats

    my favourite bream lures for flats include: zman grub, softplastic ecogear sx40, diving hardbody ecogear px45, floating hardbody, walk the dog action colour wise on a clear day i would go natural colours and on a cloudy day go unnatural eg.red, pink etc.
  13. Maitland Bay

    hello raiders, i have been doing a bit of snorkeling lately and went to maitland bay last friday, saw heaps of different of fish from bream to grouper to stingrays here are a couple of pics of maitland bay....
  14. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    good to see some dollies getting around off terrigal pains about the blacks though shit happens
  15. Maitland Bay

    cheers rick, yes it is nice to find fish and how they go around in their environment and use it later fishing sorry i havnt fished any of the beaches nearby maitland bay but i have heard putty beach is good and the bombie of maitland bay to produce some nice fish cheers geshy, i will have to give putty a go at snorkeling, where abouts do you go there?
  16. Maitland Bay

    cheers R&B it is awesome swimming around watching the fish do their thing
  17. Maitland Bay

    some more sorry this isnt the best pic but this is the grouper i saw
  18. Terrigal trags

    awesome bag of fish there mate just out of intrest how far out were you from terrigal ARC H and i were spinnig around the reef on a two seater hobie at terrigal for bonito and got nothing but did notice the water was very blue
  19. Snorkelling locations

    if you dont mind traveling to the central coast try terrigal haven and maitland bay, maitland bay being the better one IMO went to maitlad bay recently with my camera here is a few pics of what we saw...
  20. avoca 02/01/2018

    nice catch mate bonnies are awesome fun on light gear and that king must have got your heart pumping
  21. Squidgy Fish VS Squidgy Wriggler

    black and gold or garyglitter in squidgy fish for flatties
  22. Brisbane water Flatties

    nice flatties mate and look beutiful
  23. Single hook or trebled?

    thanks heaps mate, heading out to terrigal tommorow morning on my yak, hopefully get a few
  24. Single hook or trebled?

    i would change to singles they dont pull as easy and i find they have a better hook up rate how are you going on the bonito also
  25. Before and After

    did you get all that from the one flattie????