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  1. Hi all...zmk1962,my mates not with us now. the 2 things that bothered my mate was the loss of speed and loss of grunt,I always remember him saying is in big bad seas when having to drive slow he had to constantly work the throttle to keep the boat on the plane.with the 200hp it was set and forget. horse power is a measurement of torque and rpm. engines with more cc/Ci have more torque.
  2. Hi all...2 strokes got phased out somewhat because they couldn't meet they can get them as clean as 4 strokes.2 strokes are coming back.ktm has just released a new fuel injected motorcycle.2 strokes are more powerful and lighter with many less moving internal parts,so in theory 2 stroke should be more reliable. if your going to repower with a smaller engine you should consider a modern 2 stroke,the bottom end torque will feel you've lost little to no power. a mate of mine repowered his his trophy 21 a few years ago from a 200 2 stroke to a 140 or 150 4 stroke,the boat was a pig after the motor change so he got rid of it.he lost a lot of money on it,do your homework.
  3. Hi all...there is squid to be caught off jimmys beach also.good for eating and Good for bait.
  4. Hi all...and more room.
  5. Hi all...esmerelda bay
  6. Hi all...I had a sarca,and it was a great anchor,I lost it due to a shackle coming dear to buy a new one,so I made my own reef pick.
  7. Hi all...yeah jon d,the 2nd anchor is more about safety.
  8. Hi all...rick,I wouldn't be surprised if you use less fuel with the 90hp.
  9. Hi all...I had a good laugh when I seen that.
  10. Hi all...not to sure I could trust a min Kota while I slept at nite in the boat,or even if the battery would last long enough,lol.... rickmarlin,how do you go in a crowded bay with 2 anchors and a wind change arrives and other boats on one anchor rope ?..I know coal shaft bay gets crowded at times.i never stay in esmerelda.
  11. Hi all...I'm curious to know the proper way to use two anchors for overnighters. i don't know if the way I do it is rite or wrong.i just shackle up another chain and anchor onto my existing never failed me.
  12. Hi all...a boat only rides rough if you drive them too fast.the deeper the v the faster you can drive them before they start banging if your never in a hurry and have a ton of patients get a flatter v boat,because stability at at rest is a good thing too.
  13. Hi all...noo2ozfish,what's the v from behind the boat ?
  14. Hi brother in law has a seafarer Viking,a great boat it is.we often go out together in our own boats or together in each other's boats a bar crusher slightly bigger,his boat definitely doesn't ride faster or softer than my boat,it's much quieter though.ive been in his boat when it plowed strait thru a wave,mine has never done that. if you want a decent riding boat make sure it's at least got a deep v,heavier the better.