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  1. Trip Dilemma + Live Bait Hook Set

    Hi all...snnapper and grouper will bend hooks.
  2. Port Stephens- teaching the next generation!

    Hi all...well done to the scratchie tribe.i bet they all got sore arms.
  3. The island again

    Hi all...what was slimey situation like rick,last week was very few about.full of garfish at cabage tree,annd slimeys downn deep,but not in numbers.
  4. The island again

    Hi all...awsome rick,one big snapper is worth a 1000 pan sized snapper. im heading up monday.
  5. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    Hi all...well done scratchie.we often catch pearl perch arround the sisters,more often than not they are under size. how do you get the fish to stay onn the cleaning table scratchie ?????
  6. Broughton today

    Hi is apic of yesterdays catch,whats left of it anyway. nothing goes to waste,i always feed dogs fish frames.
  7. Broughton today

    Hi all...scratchie,im a caveman when it comes to technology,send me your phone number and i will text the clip to you,lol. rick,it was good to catch some legal kings instead of all the undersized we usually get. i wished we got out earlier for the chance of some bigger snapper,the ones we got arnt worth bragging about,but we had fun,and thats what its all about.
  8. Broughton today

    Hi all...ive got no pics,but i got a clip of tripple hookup,ive got no idea how to load it though.
  9. Broughton today

    Hi to little beach boat ramp before 6am.head to cabbage tree for livies,but was windy and drift to fast,tried for 5 mins and called it quits. went to the sisters hoping for livies annd snnapper,achored up and snnapper instantly onn the bite,no slimeys though.first few snnaper i dropped due to hook not sinking in,lost my rig,channged to circle hook annd never lost annother,we bagged out super quick,caught a few more catch annd release,annd they wennt off the bite,they were gone. we went for a drift out from coalshaft,not a bite. went north rock,annchored up,kingies one after another,tripple hook ups and all out of control,dropped some big ones,released the unnder sized ones,annd kept 5 legals. one of the better days,by 10am we had enough.went to esmerelda annd onto the islannd for a walk and catch up with some friends that are staying on the island for the week. hows that scratchie ? Lol.
  10. Port Stephens

    Hi all...i was up brouughtonn today myself,bagged ouut onn snnapper and kings.
  11. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    Hi all...baz,im sure the water temp was over 23 onn monnday.
  12. No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    Hi was good to have met you baz,im sure we will get to know each other in the future.what a perfect weathered day it was. we caught a half dozen kings on the north and south side of island but all were under sized between 55 and 60 long,but fun to catch.couple of small reds and a few missed bonnies. we popped into the pens for a quick look on the way home looked quiet then we saw a guy with a goood kingy only to be left with a head,the size of the head indicated it was a big king.we mucked around for ten minutes with no luck so we headed home.
  13. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    Hi all...i should be up there onn monday also,see ya up there berlyguts.
  14. Port Stephens Report

    Hi all...that commercial fishing boat was there friday as well.
  15. Suitable trailer for boat.

    Hi all...not that long ago i made an offroad trailer with 2 ton axels hubs ect.