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  1. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Hi all...great footage watching the young ones catch fish,I bet they had sore arms.
  2. Port Stephens on fire!!

    Hi all...might have to organise a meet greet and fish up there one weekend for a bunch of us fish raiders.
  3. swell

    Hi all...berleyguts,I was there on the western side at 8.30.i seen you there.
  4. swell

    Hi all...anchored at sisters for a while then went drifting out from cod rock area.dropped 2 good fish.
  5. swell

    Hi all...I was up there all morning,sea calmed right down.bagged out on snapper,none worth bragging about,caught a few trag as well.was a good day.
  6. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Hi all...thanks for the ocean report fellas..
  7. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Hi all...swell look.
  8. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Hi all...scratchie,,how big does the steel look ?
  9. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Hi all...I will be up Broughton Friday morning for the day. ill be in a black and white bar crusher,come and say giddy if you see me.
  10. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Hi all... Nice snapper tko1. i could be up Broughton Friday myself.
  11. Operating dual battery

    Hi all...I use both batteries on day trips.overnighters I use one battery so I got a full backup if needed. im curious why boats don't use the same systems as 4x4 ???
  12. Who tows with a std towbar?

    Hi all...A treg hitch will solve all your problems.
  13. Leave the chain attached

    Hi all...with the etec you should have your oil ratio adjusted to 100-1.you must use the 100-1 oil.
  14. Port Stephens- New Year

    Hi all...slimeys everywhere and heaps of sharks to chop your rigs off.
  15. Leave the chain attached

    Hi all...I was at at little beach ramp on Saturday 4 am where a guy had locked his keys in his car while the engine was running and trailer in the water.he had some one bringing spare keys for him so all was good. Shit happens.