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  1. BIGG DADDA TREVS Here is a couple from sneakyfisho web site . Both $109 Brand New, Good Quality , no need for 2nd Hand, and would be Great Starter Outfits for you at School. 12' 2 piece 8-12kg surf/spin combo 9' 2 piece 7-10kg Spin Combo Hope I haven't upset the Mods ... Great_White
  2. Fantastic effort jdanger !!! See if you can chase some Sambo's .... they will give you a good run for your money ..... Well Done ...... I like my Salt Water fly efforts here in SA ... keep it up jdanger, and that spinning gear will get even more dusty !!! Great_White
  3. 12 lb line should be fine, just use heavier leader, and perhaps have a double the length of the rod plus a few feet .. Your reel can take a few hundred metres of it , and a decent matched surf rod ... If your knots are good, and your drag is in very good condition, you should be able to catch and land most beach dwelling species I see no problems at all ..... Great_White
  4. Always wanted a Boat ..but was too scared to ask ... LOL But , I took advantage of this ONE TIME, when the Bosses' guard was down !!!! Lucky me, and she said "YES" ... Great_White
  5. Any Daiwa Reel that has the "Mag Sealed" Bearings, I personally would stay away from No one can service them except Japan ..... Now that SUCKS !!! Go the Gosa, I have the older models, but if the newer ones are anything like the older versions , jump at them !!! Great_White
  6. Please say that it was bolted on ???? and the electric axe didn't have to come out and play ???? Maybe see, once you fit the trolling motor, you can get the railing re-welded back on .... Great_White
  7. Such a shame that you have to cut the rail ..... Wouldn't it be easier to just perhaps, take the front "U" shape off at the front, and re angle it upwards .... That way, you can still hang on if you want to, and also use it to hold, when pulling up the electric trolling motor with the lanyard ... Great_White
  8. Great News that Shimano came to the party and offered you a discount .... Great Rods the Terez ... got 3, but all Spin Rods, as you did not specify O/H or Spin ... Good choice to stick with the Terez Great_White
  9. Like zmk1962 said .. I too am over the hill ..55 too (soon) I brought my carbontex washers for my old ABU over heads, and the smoothness of the drag is incredible, feels like a new reel !! Also did it to a few of my old spinning reels, ( especially my old trusty Shimano Aerocast 1000's, with the wooden handles), went from nearly see through washers to the carbontex, and now the drag is phenomenal for this sized reel. If you can not get the "off the shelf" washers for your reels ( like some of mine are from the early 80's onwards , either make your own, or go to a reputable tackle shop that does good reel services' and ask if they can make them for you ( if you are uncomfortable in doing it yourself ) You will feel the difference straight away, not so much for trying to "increase" drag pressure, but to get "silky smooth" drag pressure from the whole spectrum of the reels capabilities. Great_White
  10. Well Done on your 1st "Silver Ghost" .... Hard to find, but you always remember your 1st !! Cheers Great_White
  11. Yes...exactly ....
  12. Straight Circles, which ever brand is your choice , makes it a LOT easier if you are catch and release .. J Hooks have the certainty of GUT hooking most of the species you are after, making it a definite CUT off, and the fish may live . Circles are great for the unattended rod .... Only 1 thing with Circles, you HAVE to keep the gape clear ..... or you will miss hook ups.... Not so with J hooks, as the length covers that issue Cheers Great_White
  13. Happy Birthday to you Donna.... The Cake looks "Magic" ... Great_White
  14. Fantastic "How-to-Video" zmk1962 Very well thought out, planned out and fitted ..!! Nice Small Modifications as well .... Neat, very neat ... Now as you said , find a "Deap Drop", and let the anchor rope out, and wind it all back on ... Just remember to motor up to the anchor as you wind it in.. less stress on the motor ... Well Done Great_White
  15. barracouta Scientific name: Thyrsites atun Blechk !!! YUCK ..... and all the other choice words for YUK CAT Food, if they are not finicky, might eat it .... Definitely not for HUMAN Consumption .... DO NOT EAT !!!! Good Snapper Bait !!!! Great_White