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  1. Shoalhaven River Flathead lure fishing

    You should try the flats in and around "Pig Island" ... roughly opposite Terrara ? Should be able to find some nice areas to fish there .... Great_White
  2. Here is some footage from a trip back in 2013 to Neptune Island off of Pt. Lincoln Sth Australia, home of some Big Great Whites. There are a couple more, but I'm only posting this one ... Great_White
  3. Neptune Island Sth Australia - Great Whites

    Go and check it out ... these Magnificent Creatures are TRULY Incredible up close ...... Great_White
  4. 77cm King on Bream rod

    Fantastic Effort on the light gear "The Rev" .... Bet that Kingy tasted even better .... Cheers Great_White
  5. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    If the Kings are not at Pt. Perp .... head towards Currarong, to a place called "Devils George" .... Troll or live bait about 50 -90 metres away from the platform !!!! Big Kingies, used to live there .... Oh, and Hang On !!! Great_White
  6. Cuttlefish TOP 5 Attacks

    Great Footage ..... Really liked how the recording captured how nearly all the "Cuttlefish" did 'Head Shot Attacks' ... Thanks Great_White
  7. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    More than likely a damn "Bull Shark" Close relative to the GW's, but there has been Bull Shark attacks in Sydney Harbour before ... Anyone remember the Navy Clearance Diver that got attacked and lost limbs ...... We get a LOT of GW's down here in S.A .... and if it was that big, I doubt very much, that the lady would be talking to reporters !!!! Just MY observations from 'interstate' !! Here is one a bit smaller than described, that hung around the boat in less than 4 metres of water.... Great_White
  8. Mustad Hoodlum as Assist hook

    kAs-09 , I haven't tried using these hooks , yet ... I have them, sitting in my jig making box of tricks, At the moment, I am trying out the Owner Gorilla Live Bait Hooks as Assist Hooks.... So far so good.... I use Kevlar Cord( Mustard Colour ), not the 'Red Assist Cord'. I have 70lb, 100lb and 400lb cord, the heavier is hard to get through the eye once, trying to put through twice. I find it to be very strong, have had no bite through's ...again , yet ...... still use heatshrink over the eye section when finishing off ... Only been using these for Snapper so far .... Cheers Great_White
  9. Fishing and more fishing...

    Ricardo , some Excellent Fish there !!! Loved the Video ... Great_White
  10. Wollongong Blackfish PB and tragedy

    Should be able to take that to any "reasonable" tackle shop that has a resident rod builder, and get that fixed, it will end up 2 piece, but usable!! and a keeper .... Great_White
  11. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    Just love Bonito's !!! I Really Miss catching them now-a-days .. Can't even find them at the Fishmongers over here in S.A .... spewing Yes, tasty chicken of the seas right below the Albacore !!!!! Great write up ! Cheers Great_White
  12. Nothing High Speed ie over 6.x:1 Ideally anything from 4.x:1 to 5.0:1 Just like @brett01 said ... concentrate on a good drag set up !! Great_White
  13. 6kg braid

    Another fault is the reel may not be meant to take braid ..... Some 'older' model reels, do not take to braided lines at all ..... It all comes down to the way the reel, lays the braid onto the spool .... Also, try closing your bail over as soon as the lure hits the water .....or grabbing the braid with your fingers. this can help. Lots of reasons for 'wind-knots' out there , but line tension and lay are the two most likely culprits. Cheers Great_White
  14. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    You can also try using a small stinger rig trailing the plastic, you will hook more squid this way , if they are chasing your plastics !! Just use a treble on a small length of leader, and attach a swivel to it, clip it above the jig head !!! Then if the Squids disappear, unclip it !!! Great_White
  15. Urgent help required

    Lemon Juice.... If not, wear nitrile gloves ... Great_White
  16. Lures to replace whitebait

    I used to use 'white heatshrink' on small barrel sinkers, worked a treat !!!! Great_White
  17. No more tight shackle pins

    Fab1 BRILLIANT !!!!! Great_White
  18. Jervis bay kings 4.2.18

    Just on the inside of Bowen Island near the end ...opposite the "tubes" .... basically... Burley up .. lots of slimies ..... may even burley up some Big Kings as well ... Great_White
  19. Jervis bay kings 4.2.18

    Always worth throwing a big slimie out when in / around the Opening of JB ... Fished there in the 80's and 90's ... what a cracker of a place !!!! Great_White
  20. Plastic squids

    Plenty of YouTube on how to use these things .. They do come with a HUGE amount of hype around the design and useage .. In the videos, the swim action looks pretty cool ..... Great_White
  21. MT144- 4 Wrap Rating- 3-5kg Cast Weight- 40 Gram.. 2 Piece .. ???? Might need Custom Build.. Baitcaster set ups would be very rare ..... Great_White
  22. Bonnie at clifton

    Bonnies are GREAT Eating !!! Loved catching them back in the 80's and 90's from JB area ..... Fresh YUMMY !!!!! Great_White
  23. Attaching a SP or HB

    Knots to your lures can depend on what action the lure / or what you want the lure to do ..... Uni knot straight to the lure for the higher speed retrieve ones ... The "Rapala" Loop Knot if your lure has / or you want plenty of movement / action from it ..... Both are very easy simple knots to master .... Cheers Great_White
  24. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Excellent Video !!!!! KINGY !!!!! Great_White
  25. Flare Disposal

    Over here in S.A, we are supposed to take then to the Police Station, but only some stations will take them off of you ....... Somehow i think that the "Soccer" is not really appropriate .... LOL But it seems to be the only place I have actually seen them let off ... never at sea so far ..... fingers crossed !! Great_White