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  1. No it was late of the night measure an weighed it my wife made me get a photo an straight to bed. I was f#%*ed there was a few fish court that nite
  2. Big squid
  3. Here a photo of the big one that one my dad was holding was only 42lb I don’t like putting my faces on line
  4. Been having some amazing sessions in the harwkberry over the last 4 days 48 jews curt ranging from 55cm to 1.6meter biggest fish going 70lb my poor old men barley able to hold his own fish up. I’ve been fishing a few spot an the fish seem to be at all of them.
  5. Hi all hit the hawksbury this arvo for a little fish on the bottom of the tide. I don’t normally fish so close to the full moon. I have found the new moon better. but with this rain I had to go. Lots of catfish in the dirty water. Mange to get one Jew 67cm which went back. The fish have seemed to have changed there diet from pillys to squid. With the rain coming on Monday I would say there will be same big fish about next week
  6. Chicken an pillys
  7. Just of jouno in the fast water
  8. Hit the Hawkesbury Sunday arvo in the storm as everyone was coming in for a quick 3 hour session. First spot was full of blue swimmer crab. Moved to second spot. Bang 8 soapy Jews around 50 to 65cm. Bigger then last years soapy. An managed 1 at 90 cm. all fish on dead bait
  9. Good to see the number there. I think there more smaller fish coming through ever year. Hopefully lead to a good season next Jew season
  10. Thanks fi Thanks finbar12 i would like to give it ago next Jew season. I'm a 4th Jan Jew fish men. I have hips of info to help
  11. Headed out in the hawkesbury with my old men on the 18/4 for a 3 hour session ,Have't be fishing for a few weeks . Still plenty of sopy Jew around the mouth .but no keepers . Head up river an the old men landed a nice 10 kg fish. Love fishing with the old men all was catchs fish
  12. Dead bait .if you won't to catch 1or2 fish plastics work well . But if you won't to catch Jews in big number live an dead baits r the go. In between December to April it the norm to have any were for 10 to 40 fish sessions they MIt be small but there there .
  13. Hi fish raider first post ever went in the hawkesbury the other day . Same old story 27 sopy Jews all around the 45 to 60 cm all through backs mang 2 around 90cm along with 6 nice flathead . Can anyone give me info on tagging Jews. Ever year I reckon I through 1000s of this little sopy Jews back an would like to see were there going.