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  1. 8 inch wheels to 10 inch

    I think thats why they used the cheesy wheels so the boat is lower to launch and retrieve, the skids on the trailer the wood appears to be vic ash, the ends arent chamfered as youd normally see just cut straight with hard nylon rubbing strips, something else that bugs me so I think ill chamfer the ends I like marine carpet on my skids so Ill do that, I dont think the boat will unduly suffer by having leaf springs and ten in wheels thats why they have the break action in the trailer, I cant in good concience keep the AL-KO axel, I worry about things breaking,
  2. 8 inch wheels to 10 inch

    While im abusing my trailer i need some further advice, ah btw this boat is the flying boat lol, now my draw bar going back to the tilt hinge is made of 2.5 inch steam pipe with a 5mm wall, a few things concern me, the through bolt for the tilt hinge is a common mild steel bolt with a common lock nylock nut there seems to be excessive flog in this end, the tilt mech is very light to use it concerns me Ive seen a tilt mech open on a boat trailer that hit a bump, the main bolt that secures this mech is rusted badly as is the spring, the trailer has good gal coating jst alil bit of surface salt reaction to deal with, one thing i hate is rust and corrosion, even the bolts that hold the rollers in place are mild steel n rusty but not stuck, the pins that hold the rollers in the brackets are crappy hollow pins with a flared end and were secured with brass split pins, the rollers are all flogged out, while the trailer has no boat im going to over haul it, stainless bolts through out, new solid roller pins etc The winch post is not welded to drawbar its held in place by u bolts, the hitch was designed to be bolted with two bolts, mine has only one hole with a mild steel bolt, the draw bar was bent in the guts so ive cut the first three feet of it when i stripped the bits of the bent bit i found the one bolt bit, i shuddered. So to summise my trailer seems to be poorly designed, the steel c channel is thin wall cheesy stuff but the draw bar is heavy steam pipe, non leaf suspension, rediculous little barrow type wheels, cheesy winch post, that bloody one bolt hitch scares me, ill weld the winch post on ill use hi tensile bolts x2 on hitch with nylocks and ill split pin it too, I have to make trailer ready in a hurry to go up and retrieve boat shortly but then ill drop boat off it and restore the trailer my way. Im thinking leaf springs with decent wheels.
  3. 8 inch wheels to 10 inch

    This my lil boat n trailer note the trailer with extremely gay 8 inch wheelbarrow wheels
  4. 8 inch wheels to 10 inch

    Hey guys, my trailer for my little boat has those little 8 inch wheel barrow wheels, the wheels dont have a hub there intergated, i hate these damn things i see no advantage to them, my stebercraft 19 footer has a tandem axel with 10 inch wheels i always thought the 10 inch were gay but after having seen the 8 inch wheels my 10 s are very manly indeed, actually ill throw another question in first the axel under my lil boat trailer dont got no leaf springs the axel is rigid mounted and its got the rubber band suspension up inside the axel tube another gay feature of my lil trailer dont even know the make but its not home made, so my question is should i grab the shitty axel and wheels and burn it and upgrade to real leaf springs with a real axel with real hubs with real wheel nut studs and real wheel nuts and very non gay 13 inch early holden rims but which will actually be very very manly sunraysia rims with real tyres that wont blow coz they cant handle doing 100 kph without flying apart like a chinese tyre on a chinese wheel barrow.
  5. While im no pro angler i spent alot of time up Darwin when I lived there chasing barra and reef fish, ive lived here down south for years. I have had a bit of success in the sea im based in canberra, i lost a leg late last year i was in the throws of restoring my 19 foot stebercraft with a gamefishing theme im done piddling around in overfished areas i want to get out chasing the good stuff, snapper, mowes, marlin, shark, now im buggered theres so much to do and i just cant do it, so if you live locally and can handle a saw and dont mind the smell of fresh fibreglass ( i love it ) sing out, ill need a mate to come hunting fish, i dont drink im 48 i love a smoke and a chinwag, ill get it going before next spring then im into it.
  6. Flying Boat

    Do u live in shell harbour noelm?
  7. Flying Boat

    The boat was my beloved little pride starfire gt with a 75 chrysler, the boat is being recovered today, damage appears little the screens cactus few scratches here n there ill repair her shes my baby, shes my freshwater fun boat, thankyou noelm wouldnt have been much u could do, i recovered what i could from inside theres a merc outboard wedged up under the bow, the seats are stuffed, trivialthings im just thankfull i survived think my old dad was looking after his number one son there i lost him 3 years ago but know hes hanging around wierd as that sounds.
  8. Flying Boat

    Have ever seen a boat fly and I mean fly, well yesty i went to golburn to puck up a boat, we left and just hit the federal hiway it was filthy wet with rain, a tyre blew on the trailer and it started fishtailing she wouldnt come under control and suddenly the car started fishtailing, i had a b double behind me a b double in the right lane nothing would correct it, I thought shit were dead, I said to myself take it like a man closed my eyes and jumped on the anchors, i heard a mighty crash noise opened my eyes and were skidding to a stop on the medium, we pulled up i was shaking like crazy and thanking jesus, my father in law jumped out, he came back i said were farked arent we, he said well good news is were ok, cars ok, trailers ok,the bad news is the boat went through a roadside sound barrier, she had busted everything holding her down and left the trailer jumping the wire barrier and went straight through the end wall of the barrier, oddly enough only damage was windscreen and the outboard come loose but didnt fall off im left now with how to salvage her. So a boat can fly, you only see this sort of thing in movies I tell ya. Very lucky to be alive.
  9. My Old Girl Under Rebuild

    Another mine , Swift Craft 16, it needs a restore too, ok little boat for bombing around the Clyde River in
  10. My Old Girl Under Rebuild

    Oh im a glutton for punishment i have 5 boats, the other 4 are eventually going to be restored, its kinda my hobby soon to be my buisness, I love the classic glass boats, im dragging this lil guy home tomorrow Pride Starfire GT only 15 footer got an old classic Merc 1100 for it,
  11. My Old Girl Under Rebuild

    I work on it almost daily, you cant see the amount of work that went into the transom, it wasnt rotten but had gaping great hole after the volvo aq100 leg fell out of it, reinforced in and out, glassed, theres nearly 4 litres of resin that just went into the back end, even half an hour a day spent on it soon sees stuff done
  12. Advice on outriggers

    I just opened the page again and same deal, the home page comes up, pic gos, pic comes back then goes, i hit shotgun riggers the puc comes up for 3 secs then goes again, its wierd, im using ipad so unless it takes a while to load
  13. My Old Girl Under Rebuild

  14. My Old Girl Under Rebuild

    Trying to upload pics of the old girl but the size of pic is too big even after cropping,suggestions Got one up for starters, this is my 75 Stebercraft V Clinker Plus 19 footer, she was a volvo stern drive but I hated it so yanked it out, converted transom, beefed it up, I went with a second transom infront, this section between the two is going to be self draining when I fi d a suitable scupper I like, the engine bay infront of second transom serves two purposes, underneath the new rear floor I fitted is two bilge pumps, I am boxing the engine bay up with a false floor in here the two batteries will sill with the safteys, either side of the box will be two folding seats, she had a huge underfloor tank which I pulled out so this cavity will also be boxed out, divided in to esky one end bait tank the other, padded top somewhere to sit and keep the beer cold, lot of ply and glassing to do, front seats Im custom building the boxes I retained the front cushions of the back to back bases i like a high helm seat the rear seats will be set back bit further then your normal back to backs as I want to build tackle lockers into the bases, Rocket launcher will go on set to rear of screen, I thought about sun shade dismissed the usual bimini tops as they dont last, ill have the old fashioned canopy modified so it will cover the front seats but with side curtains and windows that can be rolled up and the canopy itself can fold forward to the screen when not needed, it has the hatch in forpeak to get access to the fwd deck, useless bloody thing unless your a stick insect and im not lol, usual stuff like berley pot on port side of transom Im an amputee lost left leg below knee Im going to fit a swim platform on stbd side to assist me getting in the thing those coaming rails wont let you hop over unless your 7 foot tall and there real nut crackers, havent sorted out the electrics yet, the hull work going to tie me up this year hopefully next spring Ill drop her in the drink. Engine wise I have two donks a nice Force 150 1995 model low time or my faithfull old 140 Merc Blueband, i like old boats and real motors.
  15. Advice on outriggers

    I have tried to get onto outriggers direct last night the site was just loading, spinning around, loading in the end i gave up