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  1. If I catch anything this weekend, I'll try this for sure.. cheers Greyfox!
  2. Sweet! Thanks @mrsswordfisherman, will do πŸ‘πŸ½Been checking those bottles traps out on YouTube @takethebaitI'm assuming you mean the "inverted 2lt coke bottle" type of trap?
  3. Great post! Cheers πŸ‘πŸ½
  4. Great tips, thanks mate! How do I go about getting myself some worms? And whereabouts?
  5. Hey fellas, first time posting... Heading down to Lake Tabourie with the Mrs and young chap in a couple of weeks. Staying at the tourist park. I've never been there but the better half has, and tells me she seen a few fellas fishing there. Wondering if anyone's been recently that might have some tips on where to throw a line in, preferably walking distance from the tourist park. Beach, lake etc. Targeting whiting mainly but will be happy to catch anything. Any tips on what rig setup for whiting, and what other tackle I should take in case they aren't biting, would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers