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  1. Awesome catch, well done. Ledge,try running the salmon Fillets through a smoker. I do mine in a webber. 10 coals, coffee cup full of wet hickory chips, steel bowl with water next to the coals. I leave them in there for 45mins-to 1hr. You'll never throw another one back lol
  2. Thanks Jamie, that's what they were.
  3. Gday ppl, just curious about a bug/ parasite of some kind. I was cleaning a nice drummer while cleaning 2 bugs dropped out of it, both where alive. I think they came out of the gill area.They were both white, one was a bit over an inch long the other a lot smaller. The larger was roughly half inch wide, from memory it had 6 maybe 8 legs, it's abdomen reminded me of a cicada. Went to get phone to take a pick but bloody seagulls snatched them off the rock. Just wondering if anyone might have an idea what they might be. Cheers.
  4. blackfish

    Thanks for showing the blackfishing ropes.. Looking forward to the next outing!!!