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  1. Bali fishing trip

    Caught some monster mahi mahi
  2. central coast bream

    got a 38cm on the coast the other night down putty beach,on a 6/0 hook with a huge bit of banito, that one is huge where on the coast did you get it?
  3. Bali fishing trip

    Thanks Donna , and geshy ull be jealous when I'll be posting photos of the beasts I catch in Bali mate,
  4. Bali fishing trip

    Hay first post guys, got a lot of useful tips on here, was wondering if anybody had experience with fishing in Bali I.e charter or going out with locals what can I expect for prices for a full day or even 2/3 days including accom and that?? was thinking of either going July or Christmas time if anyone has been on a charter or just fishing in general there I'd love to here a fishing report for it with as much info as possible most prices I see are Australian prices wouldn't mind finding something cheaper preferably wanna do live bait fishing or fishing of he bottom for big edible fish, but am open to other kinds of fishing to.. Also I'll probably go with myself do I need to find other ppl to go with and that?