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  1. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Hey mate, im headed up for a few days would you recommend any spots for spinning some metals off the stones?
  2. G'day fishraiders, I'm hopefully heading down to Callala bay for a night or so in a few weeks and would like to hit a couple of spots for pelagics. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me. I have a newly acquired 9ft shimano to try out sometime soon!
  3. Yarramundi Fishing

    Cheers Paul I'll have a go some time soon and write up a report. Would you have any spots further up that I could have a go at?
  4. Liverpool Weir Fishing

    G'day I'll cut straight to it, me and a friend went down to the Liverpool Weir just to kill time and hopefully catch some fish. I wanted to have a go at the bass that lurk around the Weir at this time of the year. I was flicking around a sakata and a shallow diver around the old railway bridge and on the salty side as well. My mate was using prawns and corn to hopefully get a bream or mullet but we got nothing. Have the bass gone already? I was hoping there would be some left in the freshwater section. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go along the georges river at this time of the year to get a bass? - procro
  5. Yarramundi Fishing

    That's definitely the case mate, I might have a go some time soon further up where the water is of better quality for the bass. Hopefully the weather keeps up and the water clears. Thanks for the info! Hopefully we could head out sometime soon to get my first bass!!!
  6. Yarramundi Fishing

    So the family and I went down to Yarramundi to do some fishing. We got there around 7 and I planned to go for some bass using the X-rap xr-6 lure I purchased recently hoping to catch my first one. Within an hour or so I got it caught on something submerged in the rapids and lost it so I joined the family for some carp fishing on bead and corn. That was a bust as well I think it might have been from the recent storms making the river murky. I also heard that the tournament up the river was a bust as well, hopefully the river clears up sometime soon!
  7. G'day fishraiders! I'm quite new to freshwater fishing and would appreciate some advice! I'm keen on catching some bass near Penrith and Georges river (fresh water side) using some lures. I read up that Magbass Singlets, Cultiva Mira Shads and atomic cranks are worth a shot (up for more suggestions!). I heard that the weir isn't a bad spot to head to in Penrith and wouldn't mind a few more suggestions. I'm up for some spot suggestions in the Georges river.Near Kentlyn I heard is a good spot I heard. Thanks you taking your time - Thanks procro