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  1. Squidgy whip bait vs fish

    Heard the gulp! 6' grubs go alright on jew, same with zman 9' grubs and/or 5' streakz curly tails
  2. Sp's off rocks, and beach night session

    Figured out how to upload from the GoPro, so made a quick clip from the nights session. Pretty average quality though being filmed in the dark. Cheers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hVkL9nU1MdQ
  3. feed and a lost lure

    At least you hooked up to one! Nice bag of pearlies too
  4. Sp's off rocks, and beach night session

    Cheers mate. I'm lucky I get to fish 4 or 5 nights a week, so youde expect me to get something lol. Thanks jeff, I saw a photo the other day of a big one speared in the bay recently that went 37kg. Get into em mate! Still waiting for that big one to come along.. Hopefully 2018 sees some decent fish for ya mate Best session in ages rick, couldn't agree more!
  5. Big low tide yesterday afternoon so hit the rocks with soft plastics. The southerly was blowing hard but Ide recently bought a new rod and was heaps keen to use it so off we went..Started with on a 5" zman streakz curly tail in pink and first cast was onto a nice bream about 35, right in close in about a foot of water. The plastic only just fit in its mouth lol. Chucked him back then snagged the zman a few casts later so rigged up a storm 4" minnow and walked further out. It was real snaggy so I was just cranking the lure just under the surface and managed a tailer after just a few casts, about 40cm. Threw him back too. It absolutely destroyed the plastic so I headed back before the tide came up too high. bream on the 5' zman The wind died off heaps around 7:30 so packed the gear back in the car and drove down the back beach looking for a gutter. High was at 10:00 so plenty of time. Ive been keen to try some gulp sandworms off the beach instead of baits, and see if anything likes em. So rigged up the new rod with a 6" sandworm in camo and lobbed it out. Launched out a worm bait as well on my bigger rod and waited to see which got hit first. Don't normally use two rods in case of tangles but thought it should be right.. About 9:30 the jew came on the chew, first fish a 68cm soapy then a 95cm straight after, both on the preserved worms. Nearly got tangled in the other line on both fish lol, Also managed to miss two good fish as well that definitely weren't bream.. all up two tarwhine two bream and two jew, all released. The gulp! ended up catching a decent bream as well, was an epic night. First time using the GoPro so will try upload footage once I figure it out 😣 Littler one 68cm 95cm cheers!
  6. Beach set up

    Depends, are you running braid or mono? A 5000 spooled with braid would be pretty ideal, but if you use mono youde probably want something with a bit more line capacity. Ive got an 8000 baitrunner on my 12 foot beachrod and it hold about 150m of 30lb mono.
  7. School jew off the beach

    G'day, about 20cm of worm threaded up a 5/0 longshank. Gamakatsu 01315 are pretty good
  8. Beach fishing rig

    Try a running sinker on your main line, to a swivel then your leader and hook. Shouldn't tangle as much and you'll feel bites clearer than you would using a paternoster. Quick and easy to rig up as well
  9. School jew off the beach

    Just a little report from last night up the beach. High tide was 9:45pm so drove down around 7:00 to find a spot. The Nor-Easter was still blowing pretty strong but thankfully it died right down just before dark. Had a bait out by 7:30 (beachworm) and fished till 10:00, jewy bit just after 9:00. Was the only bite all night making it a pretty slow few hours! But always worth the wait. Looked like it had been attacked as some stage too, he had two puncture marks and a pale white patch about half way down the body. Still released fine Not sure where all the bream and whiting are hanging out but haven't caught one for weeks.
  10. Pebbly Beach / Station Creek

    Haha that's a blessing in disguise smasher, wish it happened for us lol. Would have been awesome staying that extra night..
  11. Pebbly Beach / Station Creek

    Haha cheers man, she didn't claim it but she did insist we release it Cheers mate yeah we loved the place, apparently pretty good fishing just offshore too for those with a boat. Big snapper and pearlies
  12. Pebbly Beach / Station Creek

    View from above the camp
  13. Pebbly Beach / Station Creek

    Had some awesome weather forecasted this week so me and the mrs snuck away for a night camping before silly season begins. Was our first time out to pebbly beach and definitely won't be the last, what a mad spot. Takes you off the highway down gravel trails for half an hour till you reach the beach access, then it's a quick drive north up the beach till you hit station creek. You have to cross it at low tide to get to the camp grounds which was abit of fun, the camp was surprisingly uncrowded too so that was a bonus! Good facilities and fires are allowed as well. The fishing was better than expected too. Tried the rocks first among the wash but there was too much swell so moved around the corner and gave the creek mouth a go at top of the tide with soft plastics. 3 small flathead all around 30cm. Back for some arvo beers then we hit the beach before dark with beachworms.. Not much happening for the first hour, I hand the reel to my girl while I quickly roll a smoke and dead set as soon as she winds in the slack, lines peeling off 😬 I ended up landing it for her but was heaps stoked she got to feel the hook-up and first run. Measured 76cm and was released. Already can't wait to get back up there, one night was definitely not enough. Cheers!
  14. Very Cheap surf rod

    I use a crossfire 1202H off the beach and it's great. They make a 10 foot model as well which might be worth looking at, good value for the price anyway.
  15. Bycatch rat king off the rocks

    Cheers dude, he got pretty battered up trying to land it but still released okay seems to be alot of them around