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  1. I use a crossfire 1202H off the beach and it's great. They make a 10 foot model as well which might be worth looking at, good value for the price anyway.
  2. Cheers dude, he got pretty battered up trying to land it but still released okay seems to be alot of them around
  3. Yeah it's a beauty, was the first time ide fished out this spot too. Massive drummer scales everywhere out there, I bet it's some blokes drummer hole lol
  4. Hey raiders Been a lack of good gutters down the local beach lately so I thought ide try for a snapper off the headland this arvo around the wash. Trecked it out there with the mrs around 5:00 and got a good burley trail going. just mixed a loaf of bread, a tin of cheap cat food, diced pillies and some chicken scraps leftover from dinner, then floated down whole unweighted pillies. Straight away a couple of kings came out of nowhere, only little ones but was heaps of fun and a nice surprise. My girl hooked up to a decent one soon after but lost it after it took a good run.. this one was about 60cm so we released him after some photos. Cheers!
  5. Look up shimano baitrunner, they have a switch on the reel that allows the reel to freespool without adjusting the actual drag. As soon as you begin to wind in, it clicks off and you're back into gear. Otherwise if you don't want to buy a new reel, do what Daniel said and just adjust your drag when you have a fish on. Rovex makes a cheap one for about $40-$50 called a Nitrium.
  6. Nice one man, always good reports of jew from the hawkesbury. Gotta get down there!
  7. Nice report woodsy, spewing about the wind getting up sounds like you still managed to find em though. 50cm flathead is perfect size for the table, good on ya for looking after the neighbour with some fresh fillets too
  8. That's a beauty mate, ide be stoked too! Hopefully they keep biting for ya tomorrow You get that one on bait or lure?
  9. CHeers lads!
  10. Had a good one on Thursday up the beach, the high was at 7:00 so perfect for an early morning and late arvo session. Hadn't managed a single fish for the past week so it was nice to feel the bite again Got down the beach early that morning about 5:30 and fished for an hour without a touch, around 6:30 finally got a little dart, then a tiny sand flatty next cast, and lost what felt like another dart, then they shut down after the tide turned. Stayed around till 8:00 but no good. Went back down at low tide and got a dozen nice fat beach worms (didn't see any small ones either they were all massive!) and went home to freeze them for later that night. Got held up abit in the arvo but arrived back down just before dark to find a good spot and get set up. There was a gutter I saw at low that was full of mullet so went back there and launched a worm out .. First bait got smashed after about 10 minutes and knew straight away what it was. The first run he took a fair bit of line but then started swimming inwards so it wasn't much of a fight after that. Thought it would be bigger but only a soapy 67cm, released awesome still had heaps of fight left. Got a small bream straight after that then everything shut down again, we stayed till 9:00 but that was it. Keen to get the mrs onto one next time!
  11. Good stuff! Did you keep the jewells?
  12. I always aim to go worming when the tides running out; When there's swell and plenty of movement on the shorebreak try focus on the flatter sections of the beach so the water runs off for longer. If theres not much wave action however, try find a slightly angled section of beach as that's where the most water movement will be. Also try start as high up the beach as you can to prevent walking over the area you're trying to bring them up from. I buy a pack of bottle squid and take a couple out to use as hand baits, then leave the rest outside overnight in a net or stocking so it works up a nice smell. Squid is an awesome hand bait too cause it doesn't break apart unlike pillies or prawns If they don't come up straight away, persist in the same spot for a couple more waves before moving on, sometimes they take a while to catch on to the scent. A few things I know they definitely don't like are strong winds, and the presence of sand crabs.
  13. What a beauty, nice work man and congrats upping the PB. Let us know when you crack that 50cm bream 😜 44cm is still a bloody horse
  14. The slim swimz are a great flatty lure. My favourite though for flatties is the STORM twitching nipper in pink, rigged from the tail end so it swims backwards. Looks just like a yabbie
  15. Squidgies make pretty much identical ones. If you can't find any with the keeper barb this type works well too - most tackle shops should have something like the ones pictured