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  1. Sydney based newbie!

    Hello raiders, I'm from seven hills and relatively new to fishing. I used to go fishing as a kid but only ever caught small ones. I'd like to start fishing again, my goal is to learn how to catch fish big enough for me to eat! I appreciate advice you all can spare. I admit i tried to go fishing on Easter Monday but ended up with no fish. Just a couple of small bites. So to start with i have a few questions that hopefully someone can help answer. 1. What is a good value, cheap Rod and reel to buy? My current one was $20 and i spent 30 mins untangling it during high tide. Also i could only fling the line 5m or so, is that my fault or the rods? The line always kept drifting back to me too after a while instead of staying 5m out. 2. Can you recommend a good starter fish to learn to fish on and a good place to catch them? Preferably in a non polluted area so i can eat them. I'm willing to travel a bit to get there. 3. Is it easier to catch fish from a kayak vses estuaries? I'm guessing the fish at wharves get fished on all the time and thus know how to avoid hooks? Cheers, thanks in advanced