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  1. Windang bridge frustration

    Yeah, the mullet are pains 1000s of them in a single spot but they don't take anything. The best chance you have is to try bread/dough. That has worked for me. I might also try a popper for the mullet next time I'm out on the lake, sounds like it works very well, as there are always loads in the lake.
  2. Pittwater Blackfish

    I have a mate that pulled a massive hooked a massive one bordering over 40 cm. He hooked it on nippers but his drag wasn't high enough so the little buggar spat it out. I was there to witness it.
  3. Fishing in Shellharbour

    Hey didn't want to start a new topic, most of the information here is for land based and I'm highly appreciative of that, but I was wondering any spots to pick up some fish in the lake with a boat. Its a quite small boat so able to move fit in shallow bars.
  4. Sydney Blue Swimmers...still the season?

    My mates and I caught a couple of bigs ones with our hands in Lake Illawarra.
  5. sydeny kings

    What bait did you use and great catch
  6. Fishing in Shellharbour

    Are there any good squidding spots and what time would be the best to go. thanks
  7. Lures for all round fishing

    What size and weight?
  8. Lures for all round fishing

    I was wondering if anyone has any go to squid jigs they would use, and what would be the best time to use them.
  9. Lures for all round fishing

    I have been looking at cranka crabs and I was just wondering are these worth buying and what is the best technique for fishing with them thanks.
  10. First proper attempt at plastics

    good fish, may I ask what plastics you used
  11. Fishing in Shellharbour

    Does anyone know what species live off bass point and killalea so, I know what I should bring thanks for all the assistance.
  12. Fishing in Shellharbour

    what do you mean by that???
  13. Fishing in Shellharbour

    By the channel at Windang do you mean the entrance to the lake Thanks
  14. Fishing in Shellharbour

    what bait did you use
  15. Cuttlefish live atack on lure

    Great footage I'm just wondering is that footage taken on a GoPro and what rig did you use to get it to catch that amazing footage.