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  1. Hello. Sorry if this is a already asked question. When driving north on the m1. When heading over brooklyn bridge on a low tide there is a big sand bar on the right hand side. Can you access it from land? Is it sand or mud? Thank you
  2. Thank you every one for info. Marks1984 once again thank you for your incompidency 🖒
  3. Thanks for the info. 🖒
  4. Thanks for the feed back
  5. Thanks for the info. Is it worth using any burly?
  6. Hello. I live in winston hills and toongabbie creek flows through. I went for a walk through the bush and found a narrow shallow flowing creek and at the bottom the water stopped flowing. Not sure how deep its about 7 metres round. Just looking for some carp to catch for a bit of fun. I took some bread down and chucked it all round the water saw nothing. Never fished fresh water can any one help? Thanks.