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  1. Fish I.D Request

    This was in the Shoalhaven river.
  2. Fish I.D Request

    Hello, I was fishing for bass yesterday, but I am very new to freshwater fishing. I was hoping someone could tell me what the species of fish is in the 3rd photo? Thanks
  3. Jervis Bay flatties

    Good job mate, a few flatties for the pan is always good.
  4. Chipping Norton Bream - PB bream

    Well done mate.
  5. Cooks metre jew

    Nice fish mate, good work.
  6. Bait for flathead

    Like kingierun said cant beat a nipper or a worm in the estuary, if poddies are what you got go with them. The best bait is alive bait.
  7. Saddleback Syndrome? (Lordosis)

    Caught a bream with this syndrome tonight at Warilla beach thought it was nets or from another fish.