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  1. Mid north coast

    South West Rocks is definitely good around that time of year. Be carefull going over the bar as it can get a bit wild.
  2. Bimini fabric protection

    Thanks mate i'll give it a try, i've got the same can at home from when we did our dining table chairs
  3. Bimini fabric protection

    Hi Just wondering if anyone uses some sort of fabric protection on their bimini fabric. I bought a second hand boat 6 months ago and its starting to look a bit aged. Not sure if there is a spray anyone could recommend which may prolong its life. Cheers
  4. Port Stephens- raider meet

    Nice feed fellas, I was meant to be up that way today but got roped into Christmas shopping, anyway got tomorrow off so I'll be up there bright and early fishing the reefs on the way to broughton
  5. Boat trailer repairs

    Thanks mate. i'll drop in next time I go down that way and get a quote.
  6. Boat trailer repairs

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone could recommend a suitable repair for rusted out cross member that supports the rollers. There are 2 and one has been plated over before. It seems to be where the rhs was bent. Im considered cutting out and plating again but would probably prefer replacing the whole piece. I'm in the Newcastle/Maitland area and am looking for someone that could repair or at least make the part and I'll weld it in. Any advise would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. Yeah we got some good rain and hail the size of marbles at maitland
  8. 10 inch 4 stud spare trailer wheel

    Cheers for the info. I'm away at work so wont be able to check the plate. The tyre is rated for 730kg so hopefully its ok.
  9. 10 inch 4 stud spare trailer wheel

    I bought a 13 inch multi fit rim and tyre from ebay. Cheap and delivered quick. Looks to be decent enough quality.
  10. Port Stephens- snapper time!

    Thanks mate, havnt really chased them on plastics so any help is appreciated
  11. Port Stephens- snapper time!

    nice fish mate.What plastics are you using? Cheers
  12. Yamaha 60hp 2stroke overheat at idle

    Vinegar is good stuff for cleaning. Haven't tried it on my outboard but might now.
  13. Power loss

    Good news no more power loss(hopefully). Cleaned and flushed fuel filter and found a fair bit of crap in there. Didn't strip carbies off and clean bowls as i found some sort of electrical connection that didn't what to budge so i didn't want to force it.However i did remove the drain screws on the bowls(except the bottom one as i couldn't access it) and pumped fuel out of them to hopefully flush them. I have gone for 2 decent length trips and no problems so hopefully the gremlin has disappeared. Thanks again for all the replies and help.
  14. Yamaha 60hp 2stroke overheat at idle

    I've got a yamaha 70hp 2 stroke and when i was flushing the motor the other day the temp alarm went off and i noticed the tell tail had stopped. Pulled apart and found the impeller shot. Not sure what happened but i think i might go away from ears and flush from a barrel or large container. The impeller is easy to change as well.
  15. Power loss

    I think i'll get one. I have got one that looks like the type used on your car, no bit on the bottom. Cheers