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  1. Beginner kayak

    Okay great . are these kayaks possible to put a sounder on ?
  2. Beginner kayak

    how is the storage on them
  3. Soft plastics

    I have caught the most flathead on pumpkin seed 3 inch minnow . if the tailor are biting your tail off then change over to zman grubs . they can't bite them as easily . also depending on the current and depth I always start with 1/8 jig head and size 2 hook. And work my way up and down . you want the plastic to move realistically through the water but want it to hit the bottom .
  4. Beginner kayak

    In estuaries around south coast. And also freshwater fishing in Canberra and surrounds
  5. Beginner kayak

    I'm getting into kayak fishing and would love some advice . I'm looking at the Scorpio kayak which is 350 down from 750. What's everyone's thoughts
  6. Good weekend

    Yeah lol sure did . thanks
  7. Cotter campground act

    What's the easiest way to get to these streams
  8. Good weekend

    Hello guys I'm new to fish raider. How good are long weekends . I'm from Canberra and the girlfriends family live in tomakin so thought it would be great to take my rods down the coast and see what I could do . Started on Saturday morning , went to my normal spot at tuross just flicking soft plastics . didn't get anything other than 100 bit in half soft plastics . at about 9:30 am I went over to the boat shed and bought a packet of atomic plastics . and first cast got a 40cm flathead . its always good knowing you aren't completely hopeless. After another 10 minutes I got nothing . I headed over to the boat ramp and had a little walk along the rocks . I tried out my new glasses. I've never gone much on polarised glasses but they work a treat . I saw heaps of huge bream but they didn't want anything to do with me . The next day I headed out to tomakin river and flicked about for 4 hours on the rising tide and managed 1 small flatty and an octopus . both released safely . all in all it was still a great weekend . Till next time