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  1. Yea I'm starting to get regular catches there now, my mrs had a 2 hour evening class last night so managed to get there from 6-8, worth it for 2 nice bream. Will give you a pm mate 👍🏻
  2. Certainly be back, was starting to think i needed a new spot but Better bait and more preparation defo showed better results
  3. Gutted is an understatement mate. Was off the beach and he ran towards the rocks to the side of me, to be honest I think I panicked a bit as I've Not hooked anything that powerful before, live and learn I guess
  4. No didn't check the line , I just wanted to get rigged back up sharpish in the hope there were more about, could well of been reefed.
  5. The fact it was probably a kingy makes it worse lol suppose I have to laugh or else I'd cry, also the leader is what snapped and that was 10lb flouro
  6. Yea I've been kicking myself for adjusting the drag since 😂 Cheers for the feedback scratchie
  7. Hey raiders, wouldn't mind an opinion or 2 after this report..... after fishing Yarra bay a number of times for not much luck on servo baits I decided to head to the tackle shop at first light and get some fresh bait, was hoping for live yabbies but had to settle for live worms and grabbed a handful of pillies, had some burley I bought previous week and started throwing that out as soon as I got to my spot and set up 2 rods, one for whiting and one for whatever took a fancy to half a pillie, whiting rod with worm went out and before i had finished the other rod I was on, a 30cm whiting, I put him back in the hope I would have more to come. I then threw some more burley in and finished the other rod and cast out, before I had put the rod in the holder and wound the slack the rod was almost pulled out of my hand.... after the initial shock I realised I had hooked something big, the line was being ripped off the real and I could do anything to stop it, was fighting it for about 5 minutes and it went on another run but this time towards the rocks on my right, I tightened my drag by one or two clicks and ping the line snapped, absolutely devastated as I've not caught anything all that substantial in my time fishing here in oz, biggest till now is a 56cm salmon and this thing made that feel like a baby bream. Anyone think what I may have hooked? Kingy maybe? After this it slowed down and I Ended the morning with a flattie at 42 and another whiting around the 30 mark, although I lost the best fish of the session it was still an awesome morning and will have me going back again and again, knowing there is some big fish to be had from the shore.
  8. Cheers mate, I've done a few trips from hired yaks and love it, I'll go for the cheap one to keep the mrs happy haha, thanks again mate
  9. Hey fellow raiders, me and few mates are hiring a boat out of Botany Bay on Sunday, im taking my fishing gear for the morning (obviously) just wondering if anyone had any spots they were willing to share with me, will be happy catching anything and will take a selection of bait and sp's, I'm usually limited to land based so any tips would be massively appreciated, tight lines all round 🤙🏼
  10. Hey I'm basically in the same boat you were back in 2015 how did you find the cheaper model? Desperate to get one but not sure if I should save for a more expensive one or get one now and head out sooner
  11. A lot of useful info there cheers guys much appreciated, hopefully my next post will be of a few fish from over the weekend.... fingers crossed at least
  12. Hey just wondering if anyone has any fishing apps that they'd recommend? Mainly for weather tides swell etc?
  13. 😎 plenty more to come i hope
  14. Thanks dude, I let this one go as the mrs had ordered Thai and wasn't sure the best way to prepare salmon and didn't want to keep it only to then throw it away, defo keep the next one and have a decent feed
  15. Thanks for the tip mate 👌🏻