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  1. Soft Plastics - Newbie

    You do not need a jig head for soft plastics. Although I fish with jig heads there are different ways. Also you don't need to rig the plastic weed less. Putting some gulp on a paternoster rig and casting it out at the beach is great.
  2. Sydney harbour mulloway spots

    Hi there fellow raiders, In a few weeks I am going to go fishing for some mulloway but I don't know any spots near me. Any spots around north of the harbour bridge would be good. Also can someone please tell me what rig to use? I am going to have some live mullet for bait, but I need some help on how to rig it. Thanks everyone.
  3. What line weight for flathead fishing?

    Thanks for the replies
  4. What line weight for flathead fishing?

    I am fishing with soft plastics.
  5. What line weight for flathead fishing?

    Hi everyone I am going flathead fishing tomorrow on the flats. I decided to put on 6lb line hoping for a good fight. But I am just wondering if it might be to low. The average flathead where I am going is 35cm. I would love some help. Thanks flattefisher.
  6. Estuary spin combo

  7. Estuary spin combo

    Hi there I am looking to purchase a rod and reel combo for estuary fishing. I will mostly target bream,flathead,whiting etc. I love to use soft plastics so I need a rod with length. My price range is around $80. I really need some recommendations thanks flattefisher.
  8. Can gulp 3inch grub work for bream?

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  9. Can gulp 3inch grub work for bream?

    Thanks I might get the zman 2.5grubz so I could get big bream and some medium flatties.But thanks for the replies.
  10. Can gulp 3inch grub work for bream?

    Hi there I have packet of gulp 3 inch grubs. I know they work for flathead but I just want to know if they could work for bream. I know that man 2inch grubz are great for bream but I just want to know will the gulp work because I don't want to spend to much. Thanks flattefisher.
  11. Salt and vinegar chips crumbling for all fish

    Yup just fry them with some oil and there ready to go.
  12. Salt and vinegar chips crumbling for all fish

    Thanks for thanking me. Really appreciate it
  13. Hi there today I will tell you a delicious crumbling for your fish. You will need salt and vinegar chips and eggs. First whip the eggs with a fork. Then dip a fillet in the egg. The last thing is put the fillet in the chips that have been crunched up. This will taste delicious after cooked. This recipe works great for flathead. I hope you enjoy
  14. How much trace for snapper fishing

  15. ?!?!?!?!? Mate caught this on dough (Crested Oyster Goby)

    Might be snakehead from America