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  1. After some Leatherjacket tips

    I have found most of them are about 8-10m or so from the shore, all pretty close. If I cast out any further I find trevally are the main species I catch. I can catch them at most depths, but usually I just run my standard rip of a single suicide hook with a small sinker on it, no swivel.
  2. Garmin striker 4dv

    Those both definitely look like schools of baitfish. The bottom one I would say with 90% certainty, the top one around 80%. I have a striker 5cv+ and bait balls tend to look like that on mine.
  3. After some Leatherjacket tips

    The south side of the spit bridge is full of leatherjacket, I've caught tons there. That said, leatherjacket are harder to avoid than find, so you can find them pretty much anywhere.
  4. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    This is a great suggestion, thanks. I might even try a jig as the stinger. I'll run the squidgy wriggler they kept attacking, and attach a jig behind it with a metre of leader. I'll have to see how it actually swims in the water, but I reckon it's worth a shot.
  5. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    I was using a 1.8 and a 2.0 jig, both roughly similar in size to the soft plastics I was using.
  6. I went for a fish at Roseville yesterday for another crack at getting my first Jewfish, and got by far the closest I have ever gotten. I got a hit on a 100mm squidgy fish from what I am 90% sure was a jewfish, and later on hooked a jewie on a yakka before he spat the hook. Frustrating stuff, but at least I'm getting somewhere! One thing that got pretty annoying was the squid that would attack basically everything I threw at them except jigs. I started out throwing a squidgy fish, and every 2 or 3 casts I would get a weird bump which didn't feel like a fish, but I assumed it was my lure hitting a rock. Eventually as I was pulling my lure in I saw three squid following it, and realised they were the culprits. I rigged on a squid jig of a similar size and colour, and casted it for 20 minutes without even a sniff. I switched back to another soft plastic and continued to get hits from squid, and then changed to another jig with no results again. This same thing happened another two times, not a single hit on a jig while my plastics seemed to only attract squid. I was fishing the jigs with a pretty standard retrieve, casting them out and doing a double or triple twitch, before giving them time to sink and repeating. Is there any reason my squidgies were so much more appetising that any jigs?
  7. Mono v braid

    Are you using a mono or fluorocarbon leader? Also what is the action of your rod?
  8. Braided Line - PowerPro Vs. Spider Stealth

    I was never a fan of power pro at all. I switched to J braid, and never looked back. My favourite braid by leaps and bounds.
  9. Attaching a SP or HB

    Good rule of thumb is a rod length and a half. You can add a bit more if you like to change lures very frequently like me, because a rod length and a half can become half a rod length very quickly when you are retying all the time. I change my leaders when they get shorter than about 1.5-2m.
  10. Attaching a SP or HB

    I use loop knots for hardbodies and standard snug knots on jigheads. I find that is the way to make them both swim best. My favourite snug knot is the uni knot, easy to tie, fairly strong, not hard to stuff up. The best loop knot is the rapala knot, a bit hard to learn but the strongest loop knot.
  11. Spit Bridge 25/1

    Onya for putting that flathead back. We need more people like you with respect for the waterways so they are still there in 20 years. Great fish mate

    Around sunrise and sunset are the perfect times to be fishing, so from 8-9pm is a good time to be out. Later on in the night you might not have much luck with bream and flathead, but that is when the jewfish are roaming. I don't have much experience night fishing, so you might be better off getting someone else to give you a more definitive answer to that one though. Rose Bay beach at low tide is a good place to use the chubby, as it is a nice sand flat with plenty of bream and flathead. In sydney I find I have more luck with plastics and blades for whatever reason, and tend to do better with hard bodies like the chubby down south.

    Blades should work in any depth of water, they sink very easily. Above 10-15m it might struggle a bit with the current, but in low current areas I've had no trouble fishing 1/8th blades in 15 metres. They are an awesome lure for both bream and flatties, I'm a big fan of them in the 1/8th size especially. I recommend doing a twitch pause retrieve. Wait for it to hit bottom, wind in the slack and then just do 2 short quick lifts of the rod top in quick succession. Twitch it just enough to feel the vibration, pause just for a fraction of a second then give it another twitch before it hits bottom. Let it sink and wait a few seconds before repeating. This is my favourite retrieve with blades, works for both flathead and bream. I like to use lure scent with blades, as they don't look ultra realistic when they sit on the bottom, but when scented bream are more likely to take them when still. My favourite is sax scent. Sounds like you've done some research with your lures. The 2.5 inch grubs with be great for bream, and the 100mm will be great for flathead. Both 2 of my favourite plastics. The Jackall chubbies are more suited for sandflats and mangroves, but they can also be used along vertical structure such as wharf pylons and bridge pylons. Instead of casting out, cast across the jetty as close to the pylons as you can, and do a steady slow retrieve.
  14. Anyone know why? - Failed past 4 trips

    Doughnuts are what fishing is all about. When I go out fishing it's for a chance to get out the house and go out into nature, any fish I catch are just a bonus. Thing is, sometimes it's impossible to tell why fish aren't biting. I once had one of my best days of fishing ever, caught about 10 flathead in the space of an hour on a single lure. Went back the next day at the exact same time and the exact same spot with nearly identical weather and used the same lure, not even a bite in 3 hours. It happens.
  15. Squidgy whip bait vs fish

    I've had a look at the soft vibe selections out there, but I'm not sure soft vibes are for me. Casting a 20 dollar sinking lure with 2 treble hooks at the bottom land based seems like a snag waiting to happen, feel like I could lose one by just looking at it. I'm also interested by the bio range, but considering they are about double the price of the regular fish I might hold off on buying some, and I'll see how other people do with them first.