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  1. Swordies bag out on crabs

    what a BIGGGGGG Flatty! OMG!!!! Good on you! Martin
  2. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Wow! What a great feed of crabs! Would you mind telling us which part of lake Illawarra? Martin.
  3. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    We do quite the same by bleeding them and putting them on ice. Sounds like a great dish!
  4. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    We had 41cm for biggest trevally. Bait was fresh school prawns and pilchards. The fresher the bait the better Martin..
  5. sydney harbour

    What a great feed there mate. Awesome report. Cheers, Martin
  6. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    ooo, grilled barbie with olive oil and lemon.. never tried that before. Will cook up a dish.. Thanks R&B Martin
  7. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    Oh dear, 29.9999cm LOL, that is pretty close though.. Certainly they have came.. Martin
  8. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    Thanks Scratchie! Was certainly a day saver and yes we did have a yummy sashimi. What a fun day! Wasn’t sure if it was the storm that led them there or the fish were always there! Never fished that spot before hehe. Usually I fish the end of the oil wharf at around 10m of water. Cheers, Martin!
  9. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    Cheers Smasher! I will certainly tell the raiders! We were fishing right about 3 metres of water at the oil wharf. About 100 metres away from the wharf. Hope you catch something there! Cheers! Martin
  10. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    Thank you Rick, Definately conditions were hard! Was happy to split the fish among family despite. Did managed to change file type and upload it - have a look Cheers, Martin
  11. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

  12. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    Hello Fishers, Just a short report.. Went fishing inside Botany Bay on a Saturday 2 weeks ago. Launched from foreshore rd boat ramp at around midday. For the first few hours, there were either no bites or baby snapper bites. It was a stormy day out in the west, which moved towards the bay. Strong winds (32 knots approx), heavy rain, and large swells and waves rocked the boat spinning it in circles. We quickly headed further to shore, in only 2-3 metres of water. Why 3m you may ask?? because that's where the waves were less choppy. Started putting our lines out with no bites. Suddenly... BANG BANG BANG. Big Trevallies taking the line non stop. The trevallies continued to bite non stop - bagged out within 3 hours on 40 trevs (4 people on board). Couple flatties as well. Also the lightning show was pretty spectacular. Certainly a great day out despite not being able to fish for months due to my son studying and school and all that. Will certainly go out again.. (can't submit pictures due to size) Cheers, Martin
  13. Fishing and Crabbing

    What a great report. Nice catch
  14. Port Stephens on the weekend

    WOW, BIG SNAPPER!! Definitely a great catch there mate. Cheers, Martin
  15. Sydney Saturday

    Nice report mate, nice feed as well!