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  1. Narra beach

    Heyy raiders, driving uo to narra and collaroy beach tgis wkend (hopefully) and im gonna try to target salmon and tailor. Should i use metals or just the old ganged pilly? My combo is an 8' general purpose with a 5000 reel. It can chuck something out pretty far but if something goes wrong i can always fish the lake. Thanks
  2. Flathead narrabeen lake

    Taking the kayak out on narrabeen lake and i prefer using bait rather than lures. I have two rods and i dont know how to rig up baits or what to use. Can anyone help me?
  3. The entrance

    Heading to the entrance for the first time in a couple of days, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could pump yabbies for bait and hopefully catch some bream or flathead. Thanks
  4. Middle harbour

    Middle head to grotto point is my limit, but i can go past the spit in the other direction.
  5. Middle harbour

    I am looking to hire a boat from the balmoral boatshed after christmas to fish middle harbour for jews/flatties. Does anyone know any good holes that hold jew or any SP places for flattys? Obviously i can catch live yakkas for bait from the wharf but what would be the best way to fish them? On a float or pinned to the bottom? Is it worth burleying? Thanks
  6. Beach fishing

    Hi guys, I was wondering what the best bait for beach fishing was, and how to rig them targeting salmon and tailor, I heard that if you catch a salmon you should fillet it and put it out for jewies. Thanks
  7. Balmoral island

    Hi guys I was wondering if i was allowed to fish off the island at balmoral, between Balmoral beach and Edwards? If so, what gear should I use there? Lure, bait, tackle? Thanks
  8. Narrabeen lake landbased

    Hi guys, I am heading down to Narrabeen today and I was wondering if anyone knew any good landbased spots or how to hire a kayak there if possible. Also what bait to use and I have a 5' pearl minnow I picked up. Targeting whatever is in ther lake. Thanks guys.
  9. Roseville chase/Echo point

    I am pretty sure you can, I mean i have seen loads of people catch stuff there before
  10. Rose Bay Wharf

    This is a chat, not a report. I think u posted in the wrong place buddy.
  11. Trevalley on wharf

    Should I burley? Thanks
  12. Trevalley on wharf

    Hi guys I was wondering how to catch trevalley off the wharf. I am going to the bayview wharf in burwood after watching some people catch 3 big ones. Whats the best shape hook to use? I can get chicken but not prawns and have yellowtail for bait. Which of these baits would you say is the best for trevalley in the estuary? What kind of rig should I use? They were dropping the baits right off the wharf so you know. Thanks guys.
  13. Trevally at Balmoral

    Nice job on the haul mate, never even seen a pike up close before. Be interesting to catch one.
  14. Fishing spots

    Hey guys, I was looking around for a regular, estuarine place to fish in my free time targeting bream and flathead. I have a little experience catching these species but knowledge on baits and rigs would be greatly appreciated. I live near roseville chase but was wanting to expand my searches to the southren edge of the cowan creek and hawkesbury river. Thanks
  15. First time fishing offshore

    Hey guys, Heading down on the weekend to a friend's boat for a fish offshore. What should I expect? I have a 7 foot shimano 2-4 kilo combo with a 2500 reel spooled with 8lb braid. Is this good or should I break out the 12 foot surf? As for bait I have frozen yellowtail and squid. I also have a metal blade/stinger I picked up. Slowjigging I think its called? Anyway what should I expect/do to catch whatever I can catch? A kingfish, mahi mahi or snapper would be nice but maybe I am aiming to high. Sorry for the long post but I have no idea sinceI have always been landbased. Cheers Wolfie