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  1. Squidding sydney

    The guys I see catching the most squid use 2 small jigs on a Paternoster rug, small weight at end. Normally white and pink jigs. As for Clifton gardens not sure about catching squid there. Last night several guys were there trying but not catching
  2. Flathead spots the harbour

    Rose bay I've caught a few Flathead now all good size on soft plastic
  3. Welcome to Sydney

    If land based Rose Bay off the wharf is great for Flathead on soft plastic
  4. Harbour Jews 5/02/2018

    Nice work mate, I fish the jetty at rose bay as I'm only land based. It's a great spot just from there.
  5. Snapper on SP's

    So after my long practice with soft plastics, I caught a cracking Flathead this week. My first SP catch. Today (Sunday) I took FisherladySteve to try it with some useful tips from myself. She turned out to be a natural. We fished Blackwattle Bay as its just outside our back door. After a few casts and moving to our second spot she caught her first fish on SP's, a snapper. She was totally made up and can't wait for another trip.
  6. Bonnie at clifton

    Tasty stuff
  7. SP's DO WORK!!

  8. SP's DO WORK!!

  9. SP's DO WORK!!

    57cm I'm length.
  10. SP's DO WORK!!

    It's been a while from old FishermanSteve here.. But for good reason. I have been endlessly practicing my soft plastic skills. Today popped the cherry. A 57cm Flathead caught from Rose Bay off the small jetty by the boat ramp. It was on my final cast of a short 45minute session and what a catch!!
  11. School jew off the beach

    Quality over quantity mate🎣🎣
  12. Newest Site Sponsor DINGA.com.au

    Dinga are a top company, nothing but great service from them!!
  13. New fishing setup for lure fishing!!

    Yeah one piece is a bit of a pain to get around for me as don't have a vehicle. I use a shimano raider most of the time goes to three pieces fits in tube for my backpack. Rarely I will take my one piece, 7ft rod.(for the larger species)
  14. Chipping Norton / George’s River / Liverpool area

    I've caught snapper, trevally, flathead and even bream with strips of mullet. I've caught them all times of the day. Chipping Norton seems to have an abundance of mullet and I've caught even areas without structure
  15. New fishing setup for lure fishing!!

    Sedona is a lovely smooth reel mate