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  1. Amazing, giving me hope. I'm yet to catch on a lure over here 🎣🎣
  2. The Shimano raider surf rod is nice mate I've caught a couple of decent fish with it. Was about $139 from memory
  3. Using live bait land based I use a live bait slider. Plenty of YouTube videos about them
  4. Oh don't use the rigs more than twice as the salt corrodes them and they will just break
  5. Hey mate, get some sabiki rigs from Kmart. Tip them with very small bits of chicken breast or thigh. Clifton Gardens and Chipping Norton lake I've had success!!
  6. Nice boat and nice catch well done mate
  7. Tasty dinner well done mate
  8. Thanks will hit there next πŸ‘
  9. Hey guys, After mixed results at catching live bait at Clifton Gardens. One of which at the weekend resulting in just two yakkas before they seemed to get spooked. Could anyone please suggest any land based spots to catch live bait🎣
  10. Nice catches. Was it land based or boat?
  11. I wouldn't mind traveling to try out the river. I will message you when I know what's going on over the next couple of weeks
  12. Where to start... Met up with Pompom for a trip out. We set off to Chipping Norton in the hope of catching mullet for bait. A dozen micro Taylor later(all returned) we decided on stopping at a tackle shop to buy the bait. Jumping back in the car we embarked on a journey up towards Palm Beach. After our brief stop at the tackle shop we arrived at the beach and promptly set up. BANG Pompom had his rod bent over. Arrived ashore was an Aussie Salmon. Pompom made the decision to use slices off it as bait. After sometime it wasn't looking up after the great start. Pompom's lovely wife set about retrieving pizza to refuel and have a rethink. Myself, Pompom and my partner gathered up the gear after deciding that once pizza was eaten we would walk over the road cast out in to the river side parralell to Palm beach. It turned out to be a great decision: Wobbegong Shark, Bream, Eel, the Aussie salmon (off the beach side) and for myself my FIRST and obviously now personal best Flathead measuring bang on 62cm. If you wanted to count the Taylor I guess it was six species. Myself I used a patornoster rig with salmon chunks as bait. Pompom used single hook length. One rod with salmon and other with squid. 2/0 hook size. We also had the pleasure of seeing a pod of dolphins at the beach.
  13. Hey Regan, between Lloyd Gully and Olga Bay. More towards the Gully πŸ‘πŸŽ£
  14. Hey mate I'm no Aussie but I said good bye to old Liz and moved over a few months back. I'm out about fishing mainly land based. Next time I'm out fishing which is often I will let you know you're welcome to hop along. Where are you based?
  15. After setting off at an ungodly hour to meet Pompom and collect his brother, we set off. First stop bait shop that was open at an ungodly hour. It's great how easy it is to be up early for fishing yet no one loves to be up early for work. We then headed to Brooklyn to hire a tinnie for the day. With Captain Pompom at the helm we set off. Our first boat adventure on the Hawkesbury. There was changing tides, we found some nice looking spots and dropped our baits over. We caught Port Jackson's, catfish and rays. We were wondering where all the "real" fish were?? Then BANG!! Pompom's brother into a rod bender. We got it to the boat with net nearly ready to be used but not soon enough! A HUGE(estimate 70-80cm) mulloway proceeded to roll and in turn biting through the hook length. We all immediately upped our fluoro to 12lbs. Not long later my rod bent like I had never seen before!! I was in to my first ever mulloway!! Estimate 50cm. What a fight!! Caught on half a pilchard. Size 2/0 circle hook. A storm started to roll in and with at least a dozen boats heading towards and past us we figured they must know that it wasn't good to stick around. Captain Pompom jumped in to action and took us back to the wharf in the nick of time. Pompom himself had some nice catches including mulloway. All three of us had a great day with all fish returned safely.