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  1. Sydney Kings

    Yeah just near Seaforth by look of it. I was fishing a spot in middle harbour today while bait fishing land based. I was reeling in a slimy mackerel and it was taken by a king. After a hard and long fight on light gear I got it almost to shore and it bust me off
  2. 30min session

    Went out tonight to the jetty at Rose Bay for 30mins. On the second cast hooked on to a bream. Was using a lightly weighted pilchard tail. Great quick session(had to let off some steam)
  3. North Coast Warms Up

    I think I'm that area fishing for two days I'm July I hope there is still fish like that about
  4. Wollongong Snapper

    It tasted amazing, I baked it with lightly garlic infused butter and a dash of lemon. The texture was perfect
  5. Wollongong Snapper

    Today on a charter just off of Wollongong I caught my first legal Snapper. I can't remember the exact measurement and now I've eaten it there is no chance of a remeasure. We were fishing in approximately 70m of water. I used a three hook rig, all 5/0 circles. Bait was half salted pilchards. Conditions were reasonable and we watched the rain glide past without being caught in it. A very enjoyable day to tick another species off the list. I also caught a 52cm Flathead and two 38cm Flathead
  6. Manly Beach

    As above, great information from those guys. With casting, fortunately at Manly the gutters are as close as 10m in front of you, North Steyne end normal has great gutters forming a lot of the time. They do shift so it's good to stop and observe for 10minutes before you start fishing
  7. Flathead on light leader

    It's fine when targeting bream, at my usual spot I can't stop getting bites from them using 20lb fluorocarbon. Their grinding little teeth will wear through anything less after about 5 bream I've found
  8. Flathead on light leader

    I had a problem like that I actually stepped up to 20lb fluorocarbon and hasn't effected the amount of bites but increased the amount of fish landed. My mainline is only 8lb and that's more than strong enough if you play them right
  9. Ripper day

    That's a great spot I was fishing there this evening. What time of day were you fishing??
  10. Bream bonanza

    Another evening session at Seaforth. Straight through small running ball sinker and lumo bead to a size 4 hook, alternating between squid and yakka slices. Lots of bream biggest 36cm, as usual take one for food. Some other lads at the spot caught a 56cm Flathead also on yakka. Hong Kong beauty Fong caught a legal blue swimmer crab, tasty lunch for her tomorrow.
  11. Manly Beach

    After a great session shark fishing on Saturday 7th at Manly Beach I thought I would head there again Saturday just gone. Another good reason was that my father is over from England and he loves fishing. Twenty minutes after setting up I go to get my head torch from the UTE, while there I get a frantic call from my mother to get back on the beach. I thought great first shark of the night. My dad was playing a monster really well. But after observing the way it was playing I knew it wasnt a shark. He finally beached it and was what I think is a banjo ray. Still he was happy as was his first catch down under. Unfortunately the sharks didn't come out to play that night. That being said we suspect PomPom was on to one but the hook pulled. We settled for a mixed bag of rays, tailor and salmon. One wobbegong shark but they are not your stereotype looking shark so was not counted. It was a fun night.
  12. Fishing mate

    I have a boat licence and looking to get out and explore the spots around Sydney. It would be great to get out with you. Message me 0481155455. I have all my own kit can bring bait, food, drinks and a good sense of humour. Hope to hear from you. I'm living in Sydney and able to drive to meet you
  13. Mixed bag

    I've seen first hand to my amusement their kick so was on my guard and it was handled with extreme caution. It's my second one I'm a week the other being caught up near Palm Beach on the Hawkesbury side
  14. No kings but a welcome bycatch

    Nice to see that area produces well from a boat as well as land based. Great catch
  15. Mixed bag

    Easter Sunday and I thought a spot of fishing was in order. Clifton Gardens was the first destination. Every man and his dog had the same idea so I had a lovely BBQ then proceeded to another spot in Seaforth. After a very slow start of undersize snapper and whiting, the bream appeared. Three of the bream were legal and I thought would make a light lunch for Easter Monday. Amongst the catches of snapper, bream and whiting were a numb ray and an eel(unfortunately no blue swimmer crab again). That being said a guy there had one drop off his line bringing it up to the jetty. All in all a fun evening with the BBQ and people who were out fishing also.