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  1. Love how tough they are, they arnt ripped off like prawns are
  2. Update - after work last night i went to a fresh fish shop at the local shopping centre and picked up a squid tube, only $3 so alot cheaper than i thought. Went out today using strips and got heaps of bites and a small flathead, nothing big but definitely saw a difference
  3. The money is fine but time, id be going too far out of the way, ill try some squid from the shops this weekend
  4. I only fish from land in botany bay so live yakkas arnt the best bait besides the odd big flathead, ill give strips a go next time though!
  5. Oh wow, ive heard of white spot but didnt realize that dead or human grade prawns were still able to spread it
  6. hey there everyone, Im a guy who will go to the servo and buy a pack of frozen prawns to fish with, sometimes i use them all, other times i freeze the rest for next trip. Now im thinking, is fresh best when it comes to bait or the older and smellier the better? I have used prawns all my life but was thinking is it worth swapping to pilchard cubes or squid, this is all from the servo. Or should i pick up the cheapest prawns i can find from coles/woolies and use them. Im basically looking to get more fish since its quite common to go out and not have a bite or get baby bream, toadies or yakkas. I mention pilchard but everytime i use them when i cast out (using a long rod from shore) they fall off the hook. So this made me think servo squid but it looks horrible, even for a fish. Any recommendation guys? Im using a running sinker, 50cm to a swivel for bream, trevally, whiting or flathead. Depending on the day ill use circle hooks but sometimes long shanks keep prawns on better.
  7. Ive never fished groynes, should i cast into the bay, off the sides or just a few metres out?
  8. Hey all, im looking for some land based fishing spots around botany bay. Im just looking for common fish, bream, flathead, trevally and anything else that will eat a prawn or pillie. I have fished a jetty next to capt cook bridge but besides yakkas there is nothing you can take home
  9. I'd use 10lb, its got abit more strength so wont break but still fairly thing
  10. The place i go has a nice drop off so 8ft rod would be fine, the longer rod is just to wear the fish out
  11. It probably would have helped if i started with this, it will be for blackfish off the Rocks and wharf with 6lb line. Thats why i need a long rod thats easy to move around. That will be the main purpose with the odd bream or whiting fish so always bait, no lures or anything
  12. There seems to be some mixed opinion on them, is there anything i should look for when buying, this is the one i have my eye on at the moment. http://www.a
  13. Hey there everyone, im looking to get a telescope rod for traveling reasons. Just wondering if they are any good or rubbish. I walk to most places so it would be good. Also my car is small when i drive its difficult getting a full sized rod
  14. Hey there everyone, i usually fish around botany bay but have been looking for new spots as im land based only. I have heard that picnic point is a great spot for whiting, flathead and trevally. I was wondering if anyone could give some locations. Ive seen some online but i dont know where the location/address is. Thanks
  15. Hey there everyone, Im looking for some new land based spots in botany bay, I usually fish the wharf just next to capt cook bridge but the sound of the walkway moving on the wharf is deafening. Needs some new wheels or something. Im looking for a spot that is fairly flat and preferably not beach. I dont know about anyone else but after beach fishing a few times i currently hate sand and how to goes everywhere, such a pain to clean. Any wharf or quiet boat ramps would be appreciated. Im not looking to catch anything in particular, Just bread and butter fish and maybe blackfish if they are in the area.