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  1. Daiwa reel parts

    Yeah thanks l will give it a go how much would they coast
  2. Daiwa reel parts

    Hi guys I am servicing my mates daiwa freams 2000 and l am in urgent need for 2 bearings l have looked everywhere on the internet but cant find anything and l have struggled with getting in contact with daiwa so where do you guys get your parts from? Thanks
  3. Eagle rays

    yeah and there is no way l would kill a ray all l am doing is catching them for the enjoyment of the fight they put up the same what you guys do to marlin
  4. Eagle rays

    I live down the south where the fishing is crap and l just want somewhere l can go and catch big fish that l can release sharks take a lot of time to catch
  5. Eagle rays

    What circle hooks do you recommend cheers mate
  6. Snelling circle hooks

    Hi guys just wondering what size and brand circle hooks you snell for mulloway? thanks
  7. Eagle rays

    Thanks for your help mate would a crushed barb on a j hook work
  8. Eagle rays

    Thanks for your help mate would a crushed barb on a j hook work
  9. Eagle rays

    Where l live in WA there are Mulloway that are the other big fighting fish from the shore but they take a lot of time and patience as for Ray's they are in plague prepotions.
  10. Eagle rays

    I had a feeling someone would ask that question. The reason is that they fight really hard and that they a relatively easy to catch from shore. And all Ray's l catch are released
  11. Eagle rays

    Hey guys l am trying to catch some eagle Ray's and was wondering if l can snell normal j hooks as in previous times when have caught Ray's l have used ganged hooks and they are impossible to get of the Rays mouth without killing it and also if l crush the barbs on the hooks will that work the rig l use is 40 pound braid down to a fg knot then 2 meters of mono leader down to running ball sinker to 2 5/0 j hooks will this rig work? Thanks
  12. reel sizes

    yeah l will mainly be using it for bait fishing
  13. reel sizes

    Hi guys I have recently purchased a Shakespeare cetera 4000 and l plan to use it off the beach and rocks for bread and butter species l have matched it up with a 2-5kg ugly stick rod is this rod and reel a good match? Is the reel to big for this type of fishing? Also as l know every fishing brand makes there reels different sizes to other companies what would this Shakespeare 4000 size reel compare to? Thanks
  14. favourte Zman

    Hi guys What is your favourite versatile zman soft plastic and colour that you guys use?
  15. Soft plastic glue

    Yeah what type of glue