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  1. Improved uni knot?

    Very well said what you said there made a lot of sense so basically the double loop Uni is stronger but not reliable as the normal Uni knot is reletively strong but it is more reliable then the double turn Uni. what knot do you use?
  2. Improved uni knot?

    Hi guys I have been working on better ways to tie the Uni knot and found this method of going through the eye of the hook/lure twice then do the normal steps for a Uni knot l have been testing it against the normal Uni knot and it is way stronger has anyone else tried this way of tying the Uni knot like this is it better then the normal Uni? Thanks
  3. Daiwa j braid vs Fins braid

    Yeah l get what your saying but when you are casting $100 lures around l want to make sure l have the most reliable line
  4. Daiwa j braid vs Fins braid

    Yeah l am doing the same thing l am waiting for the 30pound on dinga
  5. Daiwa j braid vs Fins braid

    Hi guys I am chasing some 30pd braid but don't know what to choose what do you guys choose between Daiwa j braid and fins braid? Thanks
  6. Stickbait advice

    Hi guys As the salmon season is fast approaching l have been preparing all my gear for the season any way this year l want to give stick baits and other hard body lures a shot my question is does using snap swivels effect the way the lure swims should l just tie the Uni straight to the lure or is there other better methods for attaching lures to your leader like using a swivel to a split ring? Thanks in advance
  7. Soft plastics off the beach

    What type of stick baitswould you recommend f
  8. Soft plastics off the beach

  9. Soft plastics off the beach

    Hi guys I am heading down to Augusta for a weekend in a couple of weeks and will be stuck landbased and l am looking at throwing soft plastics or blades off the beaches and rocks but l don't know what to use l will mainly be targeting skippy, tailor, mulloway, salmon and anything else so what plastics or blades are best off the beach and what size jig head? Thanks in advance
  10. What is the best leader knot

    Yeah the Albright always breaks before the fg
  11. What is the best leader knot

    Hi guys I am looking for one type of leader knot that l can use on 4 pound line all the way up to 200 pound line so what would you suggest is the number 1 leader knot? Also l have tried the fg but the mono tag end has rubbed on my braid mainline and caused it to break is the anyway l can avoid that from happening? Does putting half hitches on the mainline to protect the mono from touching the braid ok or does the half hitches on the braid weaken the line? Thanks
  12. Daiwa reel parts

    Yeah thanks l will give it a go how much would they coast
  13. Daiwa reel parts

    Hi guys I am servicing my mates daiwa freams 2000 and l am in urgent need for 2 bearings l have looked everywhere on the internet but cant find anything and l have struggled with getting in contact with daiwa so where do you guys get your parts from? Thanks
  14. Eagle rays

    yeah and there is no way l would kill a ray all l am doing is catching them for the enjoyment of the fight they put up the same what you guys do to marlin
  15. Eagle rays

    I live down the south where the fishing is crap and l just want somewhere l can go and catch big fish that l can release sharks take a lot of time to catch