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  1. yeah l will mainly be using it for bait fishing
  2. Hi guys I have recently purchased a Shakespeare cetera 4000 and l plan to use it off the beach and rocks for bread and butter species l have matched it up with a 2-5kg ugly stick rod is this rod and reel a good match? Is the reel to big for this type of fishing? Also as l know every fishing brand makes there reels different sizes to other companies what would this Shakespeare 4000 size reel compare to? Thanks
  3. Hi guys What is your favourite versatile zman soft plastic and colour that you guys use?
  4. Yeah what type of glue
  5. Zman gubz on tt head hunter jig heads
  6. Yeah they look good where can you buy them
  7. Hi guys Does anyone else use super glue on there jig heads to stop the plastic falling off if so what type of glue do you use? All the glues l use eat into the plastic. thanks
  8. Hi guys What are you your top 3 most versitlie soft plastics. Just want to see what you guys use. Also have any of you guys tried the zman slim swimz are they any good. thanks
  9. Western Australia
  10. Hi guys Just wondering what type of soft plastics you guys would recommend for tailor and snook and what size jig heads you would use in about 10metres of water? thanks
  11. Ok thanks for your help
  12. When using the sinker straight to the hook will your bait float and your sinker be on the bottom?
  13. Thanks for your help this may be a silly question but does the ball sinker slide up the main line and do you use a swivel?
  14. Mainly pinkies dhu fish mulloway yellow tail kingfish etc and probably 5-40 metres
  15. Hi guys As I have little experience in deep sea fishing and am slowly gearing up just wondering what rigs and weight sizes ect the more experienced deep sea guys use. I was thinking of just using braid to the fg knot then 1-2 meter of mono leader then have a ball sinker straight down to the hook will that work? Do l need a swivel? So I can start making some rigs ready for the day out. Cheers