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  1. Yeah I think thirty should do the trick and thanks for the help mate. Cheers hamo
  2. Thanks rick I think I'll run 20 pound spider wire braid and 30 pound leader. Cheers hamo
  3. Yeah it's excellent fishing and camping. Lots of flathead and bream, my mate caught a metre flathead down there whilst camping and you can catch jewies their at the moment
  4. Hey raiders I'm heading down to Copeton Dam in about a month and I am looking to get a new baitcaster setup for the cod and I was wondering what size rod I should get and how much drag the reel needs
  5. I was thinking of going late September so hopefully it will warm up a bit and what lures do you recommend for cod
  6. Hey fellow raiders, I will be heading up to copeton soon and i was wondering if anyone has any spots in the dam they recommend to fish for cod and what lures I should use. Cheers Hamo🎣