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  1. Ty dan100 Ty which rod do you use so I can look it up .
  2. Ty which rod do you use so I can look it up .
  3. Mostly pelagic species .Lure weight from 50 to 100 gems was planning on using revolution offshore
  4. Hi All Would like to know your thoughts on which reel would be better for lure fishing on the rocks is it better to use a saragosa sw 10000 / 20000 or an ultegra ci4+ 140000 xtc surf reel Thanks
  5. Hi All I have a few questions on the Rapala X Rap Magnum 20 or 30 lures as I haven't used lures before. 1. What lb line should I use? 2. Are they better for casting or trolling? 3. Is it better to tie directly to line or use a snap or connect line to split rings.
  6. Float Rig for Rock Fishing

    Thank you
  7. Float Rig for Rock Fishing

    Hi All Was using a float rig for rock fishing.I wasn't able to cast as far as I wanted .The rig was a float connected to lead, then to a swivel and hook . I thought its because the bait and the lead went in different directions . Is it ok to have the lead on top of the hook so that the weight allows more casting distance ? Or is this bad for rock fishing. Sorry for asking noob questions and thanks for any info
  8. Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Thanks for your reply @Piss'n'Broke
  9. Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Thank You all for your info
  10. Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Which is better a shimano baitrunner LC or a thunnus . Does drag matter a lot cause LC have more drag
  11. Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Hi Fishraiders Wanted to know your thought's on a baitrunner reel if you have already used one or own one . Is it better than a normal reel ? Cant the same baitrunner feature be enabled on a normal reel by reducing drag ? Is it advantageous to have a baitrunner while rock fishing or surf fishing. Can we use spinning rod and reel from different companies Thanks
  12. Circle Hooks - Info needed

    Thank you for the info
  13. Circle Hooks - Info needed

    HI I was using a size 4 circle hook for Bream /Whiting and couldn't catch any fish . I had better luck with J hook. I was told for circle hooks we don't need to set the hook . Is that true ? Also found it easier to put bait on the J hook. Would like to know if we need to set the hook for circle hooks or can we just cast and leave it until we get a bite. Thanks