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  1. Circle Hooks - Info needed

    Thank you for the info
  2. Circle Hooks - Info needed

    HI I was using a size 4 circle hook for Bream /Whiting and couldn't catch any fish . I had better luck with J hook. I was told for circle hooks we don't need to set the hook . Is that true ? Also found it easier to put bait on the J hook. Would like to know if we need to set the hook for circle hooks or can we just cast and leave it until we get a bite. Thanks
  3. Hi All Need some info . I usually fish at North Entrance NSW , around Terillbah Island . I would like to know if this is Saltwater Fishing or Freshwater . This would determine the number of lines I am allowed to carry and the number of hooks on each line Thanks
  4. Hi I have a question . Do beach worms live on any beach or do they live around specific locations. I live in NSW does anyone know of a beach where they are beach worms. Thanks
  5. Allowed to fish at Man o' War Steps

    will try that out thank you
  6. Hi All Just wanted to know if we are allowed to fish at Man o' War Steps next to sydney opera house . Has anyone tried it ? Is it allowed?. Reason for asking - I work at wynyard a couple of times a week . Thought I can fish a couple of hours after work If anyone know any decent spots kindly let me know .< can only do land based fishing > Thanks
  7. Fishing at the entrance near the skate park

    thank you for the update will try it out
  8. Hi All Would like some assistance /info .I started fishing a couple of months back,still waiting to catch my first fish . I don't own a boat and prefer to fish from a land spot like a wharf . I have tried to fish around the skate park at the entrance .Was told to use dead prawn /chicken / salted pilchards for bait ,which didn't turn out too good . Would like to know if anyone else does fish around that area . What do you use for bait also what size hooks do you use or a better spot Thanks