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  1. my mate got a single squid in the harbour, tiny but perfect live bait. Didn't even get touched.
  2. thanks for the replies, I'll have a look on gumtree. I like the idea of a daiwa crossfire, do they have them at fish outta water? The shimano raider is a little expensive for school but I'll be getting one for a new summer outfit soon.
  3. Hey guys, first term next year I have fishing as a sport choice. We are going to be fishing at curl curl beach and I'm just wondering if there are any cheap rods for under 100 bucks. I'm looking for something that can handle some decent fish, handle some abuse and not need too much care. I'll probably use this rod for casting lures on spinning reels but I also wanna do some bait fishing too. It cannot be too big because I have to to take it to school so a 2 or 3 piece around 10 foot should do. I'm currently looking at a shimano eclipse rod if that's any good, i have however seen a lot of posts container a "Mojiko surf cannon" that sound like a decent rod for it's price from what I've heard. Also what kind of fish should I be expecting at curl curl and what techniques should I use? Thank you.
  4. where is the "wall" at long reef? Coordinates would be awesome, thx.
  5. right, what kind of fg do u usually use. I normally just use a locked fg r double uni
  6. If the sinker is not running on the braid what would you run the sinker on. Thx
  7. I prefer to use owner hooks as they are often a little cheaper than gammies and they dont open up. Ive had gammies open up on smaller kings just because i went a little hard, owners are a little bit harder and the point stays a litter longer than gammies.
  8. if its tangling while casting then the weight might be too heavy or just that the leader is too long.
  9. if u dont mind me asking, where is this wharf and whats the weight of the metal
  10. probably, i have no clue. i have no clue how to catch either luderick or drummer. Whats the difference between drummer and luderick? Thx
  11. were the luderick on the crabs too? How did u use the crabs, were they cut or whole? thx
  12. medium sized, 40cm round about
  13. Just as the other said, I normally use a 8-12 lb fluro leader. Just depends on the size of fish ur targeting
  14. Nice post mate, good video. Those salmon are so much fun on light gear, hooked one a balmoral on friday while fishing for pike but gave a run and shook the hook out. Still so much fun tho just to feel the runs.
  15. Should have hit me up, I went to Clifton yesterday and got a leatherjacket, trevally and flounder, not to mention a heap of little dink snapper. Clifton is a really weird spot, there's some little secrets of fishing that place. Lots of fish there tho