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  1. yes very true, where do you fish up here, never really went beach fishing, more in the easturies
  2. thanks mate
  3. nice catch mate, what gear are you using
  4. healthy looking fish there bud
  5. nice sized prawns bud do you go for them in the channel area?
  6. cheers mate i reckon there will be bigger ones in there, just have to find them
  7. nice pics + luv the vid
  8. nice vid mate
  9. did you measure how big they were?
  10. not bad, that is a lot of meat good stuff
  11. looks yum as if i had them they wouldnt last 4mins
  12. cracker bream rick
  13. good to see you getting out with some raiders how big was the flounder
  14. yeah i have fished around there a couple of times with soft plastics. biggest flattie i have ever got there is 78cm on a zman jerkshad. i have also caught a fair few bream there on crabs, but not many whiting yet