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  1. Airlie Beach day 3 out on the boat

    Here's a better pix of the Shark... We were told by the boat hire place it's possibly a white tip
  2. Airlie Beach day 3 out on the boat

    Mackerel was definitely an exciting catch even though it was small. Any idea on the ID of the Shark? Definitely a shame I'm ill right now.. spewing! (Pardon the pun 😂 couldn't help myself)
  3. Airlie Beach day 3 out on the boat

    We were actually pretty keen to get out on the boat again tomorrow but with the way I'm feeling, not sure it's gonna happen... I had no idea such an ailment existed!! I was so worried about being sea sick that I took tablets and everything... nothing could have prepared me for this 😣
  4. Airlie Beach day 3 out on the boat

    Sea legs... wobbles... whatever the hell it is, I want it to go away!! 😂
  5. Airlie Beach trip (Days 1&2)

    Happy moments - that's what the other anglers told us it was called! They don't seem to result in happy moments with the way you described that spike though! 😂
  6. Airlie Beach day 3 out on the boat

    Last pic for the day guys. On a side note, does anyone know how to cure these after boat wobbles I'm feeling?! I feel like I'm still on the boat!!
  7. Airlie Beach day 3 out on the boat

    Good evening raiders! Simply had to pop up another report today. So so many species caught today. We hired a tinnie for the day for a cool $250. Did some trawling with no success though every spot we decided to anchor in was full of non stop action. We probably landed a total of about 30-40 fish. Absolutely insane. If anyone wants to go on an awesome fishing trip, this place should definitely be up there on your list. We stuck along the coast when fishing and the variety of fish we caught was just incredible. Please find attached images of some very happy ladies!
  8. Airlie Beach trip (Days 1&2)

    About to put another report up now guys!! Thanks all for your input. If anyone is planning a fishing holiday, this is the place to do it for sure. Having such an amazing time even though I did snap my favourite rod today
  9. Airlie Beach trip (Days 1&2)

    Bn, the most bizarre has to be that slug thing. It was so feathery looking. When it spat out the half herring was disgusting... it was like something out of Alien.
  10. Airlie Beach trip (Days 1&2)

    Yes after posting I thought id try a Google search and found it. The one I caught went back in the drink as I didn't know what it was but we will keep it in mind for tomorrow when we are out! One in the pic was probably around the 25cm mark. Just had a look at the limit on the Qld gov fishing website, min 30 cm
  11. Airlie Beach trip (Days 1&2)

    Yes Mrs got a teeeeeeny tiny %%%%% but nothing serious. She was fine.
  12. Airlie Beach trip (Days 1&2)

    I forgot to add this last picture. This is the result of that cast net. The guy gave us about 1/4-1/5 of what he had caught. Everybody on the wharf got a bunch. This is also about 1/3 of what we have. By the time I took the picture, the Mrs had already transferred most of them into a plastic bag.