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  1. Couple of ID requests. (Estuary Catfish & Blind Shark)

    Looks like she had a few pups tucked away in her belly!
  2. Couple of ID requests. (Estuary Catfish & Blind Shark)

    Do blind sharks give birth to live young?
  3. Hello raiders, Hope everyone is well. I haven't had the chance to get out much as I've started a new job and am in some very intense training but tonight we went out to Malabar and had a fish. Very interesting evening as two out of the three species we caught, we have no idea what they are! (Third species were 2x sting rays in case you were curious). All safely returned to the drink, of course. Please let us know what they are! Little bit of a description for you 1. I caught this one on a 10lb braided line with 10lb mono leader with a circle hook and small ball sinker. A guesstimate on its length id say around the 30-40cm mark. It seemed to look like some kind of catfish and it was NOT happy being out of the water, hence the poor images. It just kept thrashing around. Also, not sure how much this helps, but this thing smelt horrible. Really pungent fishy smell. If there's no positive ID I'll just refer to it as the hobo of the ocean. 2. My partner caught this one, not sure what rig was used. This one seemed like a shark with either a very healthy appetite or pregnant(?). Really big belly as you can see, dark, rough sandpaper-like skin. Cant tell you much more about it other than it was probably around the 40-50cm mark.
  4. After some Leatherjacket tips

    That would be great thanks re: spots
  5. After some Leatherjacket tips

    I caught this sucker on a strip of squid!!
  6. After some Leatherjacket tips

    Thanks for the tips guys. Went out for a fish in Lapa the other morning and managed to catch a leather jacket though I was not targeting it. I wasn't even using the recommendations lol. I've been told prawns on a small hook. Got this one on a paternoster rig with a running sinker and a larger sized circle hook lol don't know how I managed that but gran is happy
  7. After some Leatherjacket tips

    So i was wondering if anyone would know of any landbased spots around Sydney where I can target leather jackets? My grandma had been pestering me for them as she loves them lol.
  8. Whitsunday Tips?

    Good evening Raiders Thought I'd ask in here for any tips, advice, etc on fishing the Whitsundays? Taking the Mrs up to Airlie Beach in mid-March for a short getaway. Gonna be hiring a lovely tinnie for a full day. We haven't any experience at all boat fishing (except for her when she was around 8 years old) so any advice would be great! TIA
  9. Gymea Baths

    Hey there! Sorry for the late response, Just started my new job this week so it's been hectic! How far are you willing to go from Gymea baths? If you can make it to sans souci, highly recommend sans souci park. There's a purpose built fishing wharf just there and when I started out fishing I found it such an easy place to fish because the water is calm most days (unless it's a windy day of course) and there's no snags whatsoever (that was a big problem for me when I started). Recommend you get in early of a weekend as it can get crowded and difficult to find a spot, though you could also fish under Capt Cook bridge too which is just next to the wharf. Also recommend taking a picnic chair with you, whilst there are little pillar type things you can sit on (those things people tie their boat to), I found a picnic chair makes for a comfy experience. Another reason I like it there is there's BBQ facilities if you wanna bring some snags for lunch, and there's also a public bathroom attached to the leisure centre nearby (2 min walk). PM me if you like, and if you decide to head out there, My partner and I might join you guys, wet a line and give you any tips. We have been fishing about a year so whilst we aren't pros, we have learnt quite a bit
  10. ID (sentimental value)

    So I have another update on this. My mum happened to mention this to my uncle and he claims that this fish was caught on... Wait for it... A whole chicken. He seemed pretty dead set about it so I don't think he's pulling my leg! He said it was a rock cod, what do you guys think?
  11. How to read weather reports/forecasts?

    Good evening Raiders, So here I am, sitting in my toasty car after freezing my arse off because the Mrs claimed today was "great fishing weather" - this was yesterday when we had that beautifully hot day, I thought today would be much the same, oh how wrong I was. I was not keen to go out today, wanted to stay in and relax at home, but she really wanted to go and has been having a rough time lately and I don't go back on my word, so I gave in. I was rained on. The wind made my face, nay, my entire body numb. I have a headache. For me, good fishing weather is where I can get a tan at the same time and enjoy the sun. Her idea is the rain, wind and freezing cold. So while sitting here in the car (grumpy as hell because she doesn't want to leave until after 9:30 and there's no point in me going home, only to have to come back and get her) I was wondering - what exactly is good fishing weather, in terms of the forecast, tides, swell, etc..? I'm still very new to fishing and I've been doing my best to research different things on the net, the problem is there's heavy use of jargon that I don't understand. Here are some things I think I get the gist of, feel free to correct more and please do add anything and everything that would answer my question: **Swell: I get that if rock fishing, a small swell is best as you don't want to get swept away, but how do I read that on a weather report? As in, is a small swell 0.5m? 1m? Also, does swell mean much if doing land based fishing, e.g. off a wharf or Pier? **Tides: It seems that the general consensus is that fishing around the tide times is best as fish are more active. Is this true or a bunch of crap? Sometimes I feel like I get more action around the tides, other times there seems to be nothing! One particular question I have is wind speed/direction. What range of knots is good/bad? I have no idea how fast 1 knot is as I've never used the measurement. Does direction make a difference? This is all I can think of so far... Would appreciate any help on the topic. Thanks in advance Raiders and happy fishing!
  12. ID please (shortfin pike)

    What the heck is this thing? No positive ID on fishsmart... Measuring approx 30cm with a decent set of teeth. Caught using Paternoster rig with mackerel pieces, trying to catch some yellowtail. I think I'll name him Chompers.
  13. Hawkesbury Fishing - Info Please

    I'll link fishermansteve to this thread, he fished the hawksbury like 2 weeks ago
  14. FAD Update

    Forgive me for my naivety... But what is a FAD?
  15. Whole day at Clifton Gardens