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  1. I have a couple of those soft cooler bags for cold shopping and about a dozen of the little lunchbox sized reusable ice blocks. I put a couple ice blocks in the bag and throw it in my backpack. Not as good as a slurry but definitely keeps things cool at a minimum of weight and bulk, backpack would make it very manageable to carry even if you catch quite a lot of fish. (I wouldn't know, I don't catch many fish yet.)
  2. Outside of tangling, I've had braid fray quite visibly after a few hours in heavy surf. Another good reason to keep some tension on.
  3. Right, I mean *not* being waterproof seems very silly.
  4. I know reels not being waterproof is common, but every time it's pointed out I have this moment where I think that makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.
  5. The Entrance.
  6. Hey Raiders, Got out this morning as a guest on @antonywardle's boat. Antony very generously offered to show me the ropes catching mullet with his special mullet rigs, and did not disappoint! We were also joined by Antony's young fella, who is not only a keen fisho, he's great fun too. We launched from The Entrance about 9:45 am and made the quick motor over to the markers. Within a minute flat of burley hitting the water, it was boiling with mullet. Lines in the water as fast as we could manage, and bringing in fish almost as fast. After a quick few right around the legal mark, the little fella was on with something more substantial. After what turned out to be quite an exciting fight that even included a good run, he pulled in a stonker of a mullet about 40cm, nice and fat. Gentleman that he is, after his first mullet he offered me the next few to reel in myself. The first one turned out to be a bream. The second one followed shortly, also a bream. Thankfully, on the third hookup the streak broke and I landed my first ever mullet. Not huge, but big enough at 27cm. Somehow during all of this, Antony managed to get a prawn down and very soon was pulling in his own fish, this one a flatty just under legal size. Soon after that, I pulled in what turned out to be the largest bream of the day, although that wasn't saying much. Antony and I got a few more solid hits but only landed some small bream. We did very successfully, as little fella reminded us, "feed a lot of fish instead of catching them". The mullet continued to come in waves for hours, we never had all the lines in the water at once. This was in part thanks to the wind wreaking havoc with the 4lb line, which if I recall, we untangled a grand total of 148 times. As lunch time passed, we discussed coming in but of course it's so hard to quit with the fish still biting. We ended up staying out til almost 2 pm, when I landed a nice fat 30 cm mullet. Quitting on a high note, we motored in with an esky of mullet and 3 very happy fishos. To finish, Antony gave me a quick lesson in cleaning mullet, and the pelicans were on hand for a feed, one even sticking his head right onto the cleaning table to try to get at the fish. I kept a small one for bait, but tempation struck and I filleted in and battered it and shallow fried. With a bit of lemon squeezed over, it was quite the treat and my wife even gave me permission to catch more fish to eat. Thanks for a great day out Antony and little fella!
  7. I've tried the seasick meds etc and I've actually gotten some relief from the seasick bands, the ones you wear around your wrist with the little knob. Looks goofy as, but works for me.
  8. May well have turned out homeless after all!
  9. I can see how they could be good eating. It was like one giant muscle. Would have to be mostly meat.
  10. Apparently there are only two common eels in Australia, longfin and shortfin. The shortfins only get 90cm at their biggest and are meant to be uniform in colour. Longfins get up to 1.7m and are green with dark spots. Colour matches longfin description and it would be some kind of record if it were a shortfin, so I'm guessing longfin eel? Only thing that's throwing me is I don't think it had the large kind of pectoral fins that seem obvious in pictures of longfins.
  11. Gave a great fight, caught him on my light 6ft rod on a bit of pilly. Very chunky body, seemed well fed! About 90cm. Sand makes it hard to see his colour but it was an olive green with dark spots/splotches. Very aggressive. Had to net him to get him back in the water.
  12. I actually did get into Bob's yesterday. I thought he had closed up for good because I hadn't found it open during his hours for about a month. Definitely knows his stuff. Wide/interesting selection and has good prices too. Found out from Bob that Anderson's bait sold to Tweed last month so that explains why their shop in Woy Woy closed. Umina Bait & Tackle also closed. I think there used to be a shop in East Gosford but it seems long gone. I didn't see the new shop in Woy Woy yesterday, but I wasn't looking for it there. I'll have a sticky next time I get a chance.
  13. Swordie is that you holding Mrs' Yellow Belly?
  14. That would be perfect. Hope to hear from you mate.
  15. I'm also around Gosford. Give me a shout.