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  1. First Keeper Red

    Shimano Snapper Special 761
  2. First Keeper Red

    @antonywardle I just picked up a new Snapper rod I'd be happy to endanger. No worries on the late notice, there's always another day for fishing. Trips sound fantastic, congrats in all your new catches. 🙂
  3. Fluorocarbon Leader

    I use the method in the 2nd video. Knots hold really well. If you haven't tied it right it easily pulls apart by hand. If you've done it right you will cut yourself or snap the line before the knot loosens. I also find I run out of leader before the knot needs re-tying.
  4. Shore fishing NSW Central Coast

    South side of the channel along the path inland of the bridge, also South side out along the breakwall near the inlet.
  5. Braided Line - PowerPro Vs. Spider Stealth

    Not sure if this is helpful but certainly interesting. I think I came across this from another Raider, so I thought I'd share it here. http://www.paulusjustfishing.com/4linetestingbuy.htm
  6. Spit Bridge 25/1

    Wow what a monster! Good job team
  7. Shore fishing NSW Central Coast

    This coming Sunday or every Sunday...?
  8. Shore fishing NSW Central Coast

    Had rough luck at Swansea. Tiny bream only and lots of trouble with snags. Any tips?
  9. Whitsunday Tips?

    I've fished pieces of squid on hooks there, just enough lead to get it to sink a bit. Could hardly keep it baited.
  10. Smoked Mullet

    @antonywardle I'm keen, and my wife loved the mullet from our last trip. I'll PM you to organise a time
  11. Squidgy Wriggle Colour

    100 or 120 wriggler in bloodworm
  12. Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    I have a 6ft and 8ft rod and even the 8ft can sometimes be a little short for rock fishing because you can't always be right at th edge of the water from the rocks. A short rod with light line on the rocks is a recipe for lots of broken line, lost tackle and lost fish. Also bear in mind that every time the line breaks while fighting a fish, the fish then is stuck swimming around with a hook or lure and line stuck in it's mouth, which I don't think is very humane. I'd rather have a fish ignore a heavier line than break me off on lighter line. For the lightness factor you're after, just remember that you will have to compromise, especially if you don't want to spend hundreds on the rod. Find a few of the right length that fit the line rating and cast weight you're after, and hold each one in your hand. Give them a good shake and see how they feel. Point each one straight up and then lower it to horizontal and then back to vertical. Once you've done that with a few rods, you should have one that feels right.
  13. Kingfish

    Swansea is a likely good bet for most things because it's a bottleneck between the ocean and Lake Macquarie. I've seen videos of slide baiting for Kings, might be something to try. The current can be challenging and it's quite snaggy in places there. I've lost tackle and pulled in other people's lost tackle there a lot.
  14. Giant toadfish? "Three bar porcupine fish"

    Yes! That's the one alright.
  15. Giant toadfish? "Three bar porcupine fish"

    Hi Raiders, I wasn't able to get a picture but I caught what looked like a giant toadfish this morning. 10:30am off the rocks at Terrigal on a rising tide. 43cm and quite hefty. I looked up toadfish and they supposedly only get about 14cm so it must have been something else. It took a 4cm cream colour paddle tail SP.