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  1. When you say a fish that takes you under the wharf and breaks you off its a surgeon fish , we fish 50 pound line and that break you off like its 4 pound line it looks very similar to groper
  2. Main channel near the bridge
  3. Sorry bud flathead
  4. I went on Friday night , decide not to take bait due to the reports on Thursday , did not get one prawn so had to use soft plastics got there at ten left at 12 got my ten , First time ever did not see that one prawn , All fish were over 40cm , Four guys next to me had 40 all on frozen Hawkesbury prawns
  5. Is easy micro jigging in shall water ?
  6. Nice , next time just go to the point left of the ramp and you should bag out
  7. Do you mean old mans hat . Or is it a different location
  8. Best boat is a trail craft sport rider or a trail craft runabout 5.5 m easy to handle on your own very deep so you can easly take it outside wide beam for stability and very cheap to run I have one best boat for value
  9. A boat called carnage crew caught it , the skipper name is Jamie ,the guy is a freak they even caught possible world record catch 6kg line class a 146kg mako waiting for confirmation and a 613.5kg tiger on 15kg line
  10. That is not jervis bay that is currarong when the ramp blows up like that the locals take the boats up the creek and launch and the bigger boats go to callala bay if you launch from the bay you are protected from all directions The ramps with in jervis bay are excellent , Great place to go , some great boat ramps and some great fishing The best thing about Jb you can fish it all wind directions
  11. Hi camo I fish the entrance at least once a week (but not on weekends ) You need to fish 3/8 or 1/2 oz jig heads , the change of tide it doesn't matter run out or run in better on the run in . To find a spot just follow the most obvious sign( follow the pelicans) where ever they are and if they are feeding make sure you are there They park under the bridge on a run in tide so just get a spot on the north entrance side channel Try light brown colours in the gulps in 4inch such as pumpkin seed or nuclear chicken in the day and natural colours in the night . We normal get between 10 to 15 fish per tide change (4 hours) but that only good for the months of jan till April .
  12. You need to make sure the neg / earth (black cable ) is big enough to take the full load . Ex sample : you have 2 amp running light ,10amp socket , 5amp sounder , 2 amp CB and a 2 amp red/white navigation light You will need to add the total together so 21 amp so you would need to run 4mm cable it's better if run 6mm in case for future provision and makes sure it's stranded cable You can twist and join altogether or use what Geoff suggested , the only bad thing about a joining terminal you joints can fail
  13. Sunday my mate tagged 7 and brought home one 223 kg die on the line , all caught at the banks and north of jb
  14. Last week end 9 fish were caught at the banks north of JB and seven fish were landed of the stones from Friday arvo till Monday night So if I was you I would be fishing the south coast for the next week or so , I will get another report later tonight I can you let you know how they went on the weekend
  15. Great work it's amazing how you fish for hours and catch nothing and then get five mins of mayhem and it makes up for it. You should try paddling around a live bait you will get much better results . Put two rods out a live bait and your xrap I bet you next trip you will come home with a legal king