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  1. Harrington breakwall/beach

    Cheers guys I really appreciate the feed back and tips helped out heaps! Can't wait for the trip!👌👌
  2. Flathead spots the harbour

    Hey mate Bradley's head in Mossman isn't too bad I've had consistent catches there on soft plastics get there early when the gates open it can get crowded! Burley up it attracts a lot of bait fish in the shallows I like the fish a couple of hours before the run out tide till bottom of the low it has quite a deep drop off there with a lot of weed patches!
  3. Harrington breakwall/beach

    Ok thanks rick cheers for that!
  4. Harrington breakwall/beach

    Hey guys me and a mate have planned a trip to Harrington next month for the weekend, so the plan is get up there spin for tailor through the day and fish for Jew through the day and night, we are taking his 4wd and thinking of just rolling out swags on the beach for the weekend so we will be fishing the breakwall and beach we are thinking of going on the beach from crowdy head to the breakwall! Really pumped for this trip should be a blast! I have never been there so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on entry's to the beach or collecting bait? Or any useful information in general for there would be much appreciated thanks in advanced guys🤙
  5. Buying first kayak!

    Cheers man! Yeah that's one thing that got my attention was the raised seat! Hahah nah that's not an issue is that the place at Quakers hill? Yeah same here I don't get much early days from work so I'll definately tee it up with him! i have been watching that sale and when it ends it just keeps ticking over hahah that's fine with me! Thanks for the help I appreciate it!
  6. Buying first kayak!

    Cheers for the help guys! I actually came across the next gen 9 from kayaks 2 fish I think that's the one I'm going to go for, PSI how did it go, you where pretty happy with it? I'll see if I really enjoy it kayaking then I can advance to something like the foot pedal systems see how I go! Cheers guys!
  7. Buying first kayak!

    Hahhahahahha! I guess fun is what it's all about hey! Ok I'll definately suss it all out I'm pretty keen on one they are doing my head in too many to choose from hahah! Cheers rick!
  8. Jewfish 😝

    I really appreciate this Mii11x champion ! you know what I completely forgot my mum bought me a book of the harbour and a few other systems of different spots and what you can expect to catch she got it a year or two ago that just reminded me hahah! yeah I definately want to do it by myself it will be hell of a reward! I have been focusing on the a couple each hours of the tide but I have been focusing on each side of the high tide, I'm definately going to give to opposite a good dig! Thanks mate I might go out this week after the big swell has calmed down and stirred things up! Yeah I know this spot doesn't get a whole lot of people on the rocks where I go tho it does get a few ISO fisherman there sometimes fishing for bream and trevs! I've been sussing some cheap kayaks out and whack a fish finder to cruise around and suss some drop offs close to land and go squidding! I really want my first one to be on land just for the fact that your already against the odds of landing it! Thanks for your time mate if I do get stuck with anything I will flick you a pm cheers bud!
  9. Buying first kayak!

    Hey rick cheers for the help! Yeah I'm tossing up between 3.6m or 2.7 for the weight factor loading and unloading specially for my first one! Yeah the low maintenace is definately a great factor although I would have a boat but I'm about to start building a house so one day it will happen 👊 I have seen the 2monks kayak I have read they are pretty decent for a beginner kayaker probably a decent all round kayak! Xerotao yeah that's what it does look like until they venture into the $1500 mark and up and you can tell the difference hahah!
  10. Jewfish 😝

    Hey guys thanks for the replies much appreciated! Humesy I have read about Jew catches at this spot but haven't heard of anything recently but definitely will persist, I think I will try and spin up some tailor give that a go that's one good bait I haven't tried yet! But when the day comes it will be very rewarding! Yes a mentor would be great but cracking this pattern done by myself will be even greater, but I wouldn't knock it back aha! Thanks mrsswordfisherman that's a great Jew and the first I will definitely have a suss on the reports thanks heaps 😄
  11. Hey bud, I have the my saltiga 5000h paired the my saltiga 8'2 and love it casts a mile and has a lot of power to get kings up! I'm off landbased aswell!
  12. Jewfish 😝

    Hey mate thank you, that has given me abit more hope and motivation! I'm proper hooked real bad I have to go back to work tommorrow my holidays just finished I'm spewing I just want to chase Jew everyday 😂 I can imagine it really will feel more then just catching the first one with all the work and preparation involved I will be absolutely wrapped if that even comes close hahah! I will definitely start keeping a diary of it all I can definitely tell there is a method to all of it hopefully it all aligns and my missus might not think I'm that crazy hahahah! Cheers for that and top post by the way hope you crack that metre one on a plastic 👊
  13. Buying first kayak!

    Hey guys Im looking into buying my first kayak, probably just starting off in lakes then venture into the hawskbury and harbour I'm looking at something around the $400-600 mark I've been doing abit of research but it seems majority is a lot of the cheap imports that all look the same ? i want something to be able to stand up in to flick lures around! This doesn't look too bad anybody have any personal experience with there first fishing kayak or any suggestions? I know use have probably been Asked this a thousand times cheers mitch
  14. Jewfish 😝

    Thanks mate I really hope so 👌
  15. Jewfish 😝

    Ok I'll have a read thanks heaps!