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  1. Avoca Rocks, Bonito Bonanza. Help!

    Agree with bluefin the faster the better! Also are you letting the metal sink, vary your depths of retrieval! Also what line are you using? I generally spin with braid and Fluro carbon leader. Give the metal a spit shine every once in a while get the light bouncing off it really good, size and colour, if one colour is working try switch it up! Cheers
  2. Hawkesbury mud crabs

    Couple muddies and a cold one, That’s living! Nice catch mate
  3. Barrenjoey Wide 12/1/2018

    @antonywardle can you shed some light on West reef? Had no luck the last few times I have fished there! Is there some local knowledge that can be shared about the reef!
  4. Barrenjoey Wide 12/1/2018

    NIce report mate and good bag! I’ve fished West reef a few times now and haven’t come up with anything good! Has anyone had any luck here and if so what species???
  5. Terrigal trags

    Hey Jenno, very similar I reckon and same consistency! Cheers Rick! Thought he had me on the reef a couple times but the Saltiga brought her up! I launch at terrigal And fish from crack neck to Norah head, I find the action bit better around there! If I fish around terrigal I find the closer to the shore the better! He’s turning into my best fishing buddy! Each trip is priceless!
  6. Terrigal trags

    First fish of the new year began at 530 from terrigal boat ramp with the old man. Water looked clean and the water was sitting at 22.7 degrees. Biggest mistake of the day was not picking up yakkers before heading out. Steamed out a little and landed on reef. Trolled around marking big schools of bait but after a hour of trawling, couldn’t tempt a fish. Water here bumped to 23.4 degrees and the bluest I’ve seen in a while. Decided to bash the bottom (25 - 30 m)and bang into a school of teraglin! Fishing was great for the first half hour and then it hit the bottom of the tide. Fishing went slack with pesky reef rubbish chewing on our baits. Half hour later, it went bang and soon we bagged out on teraglin, biggest 90cm. The reef was pumping and bonito’s made a show, and the birds were working. Strippies were mixed in there and were fussy as not taking interest in what we threw at them. Managed to get three in the boat. Min the mix of it all managed to get a few mowies in the boat also. getting ready to pack up and decided to float a pillie down around the 15meter mark and it got hit by a frieght train. The Saltiga was getting smoked but eventually got it turned. It ran down then out then down again. After a 20 minute fight got it up to 10 meters or so and it shot back down breaking my 30lb Fluor leader. Not sure what it was and it will bug me for weeks wondering. It was a heavy weight but when it ran, was getting massive head shakes and when it dove it went down like a bullet. Been struggling to get a king in the boat this season and this could of been it!! any ways not being greedy we packed up and tried to pull up the anchor and we were stuck. After a long wrestle and a broken anchor guide we got it off (serves me right using a sand anchor on a reef). Headed home with a bag of trag, Bonnie’s and mowies. Great day fishing. Best part of the day was fishing with old man having fun reeling in fish.
  7. Friday 5/1/18

    Great report stu! The dollies are so much fun! What was the water quality and temp like out there?
  8. Northern Beaches 2018

    Nice catch mate! Love finding new spots, even better when it holds your target species!
  9. botany bay 26/12/2017

    How did you cook the Bonnie’s fisholb?? Any secrete recipes?
  10. Help reading the water, temp colour and direction

    Hey guys, question. What are people referring to when they they ‘the carpark?’ Always hearing on the radio that they are north of the car park ect?
  11. Bag of fish of the central coast

    Hey kaniss certainly a great piece of advice I picked up here; is to look around the reefs and marks for bait and structure before anchoring up. This week the eastern part of reef was fruitful were just 5 days ago they were all over the western edge. Cheers for that Rick, I’ve never fished the bull or b/island, how deep is it there and is there certain sides of each to concerntrate on? And other than kings what else do you come across? another cheeky shot before they hit the pan this evening
  12. Anyone tried the FADs yet?

    I was pout to terrigal FAD yesterday, the swell was .8 with a glass surface. The current was barely moving and the water was 21.4 with a navy colour to it. We got out there and spent a few hours trying to find fish but not marking any fish or even bait. We tried lives, jigging spinning ect but didn’t even get bumped. Looked few hundred meter each way around the FAD but no joy.
  13. Bag of fish of the central coast

    The day started on the water at 530 and it was looking flat as a tack putting in at Terrigal Haven. The water in close was 21.4 and relatively clean. The old man and I shot out to terrigal FAD real quick, the swell was .8 with a glass surface. The current was barely moving and the water was 21.4 with a navy colour to it. We got out there and spent a few hours trying to find fish but not marking any fish or even bait. We tried lives, jigging spinning ect but didn’t even get bumped. Looked few hundred meter each way around the FAD but no joy. We then darted out to Texas to try raise a kingfish. Got out there and water was 21.7 degrees and a deep electric blue colour, slightest current. Did a few laps of the reef and didn’t mark a thing, no bait either and the surface was barren as well. Jigged for a few hours and all we could manage was a few barracuda. Tried bouncing some pillies off the bottom and burleying up and a 1.5meter mako started to circle the boat. We started to mark bait down on the bottom but no kings chasing. With no fish in the bucket we retreated to the good old faithful reefs off the entrance / bateau. Happily they were pumping with activity. Water was 21.4 in here and a little dirty, there was a reddish alge slick right across the reef but that didn’t seem to put off the fish. Swell was still under a meter and there was a slight greenish tinge the close in. we had a 1 hour sesh before the ‘wives curfew’ and we managed 3 trevalley, 4 bonito (biggest 62cm), 5 teraglin (biggest 78 cm). So top day, best part was hanging out with the old man and a bonus was a bag of trag for tea. sorry bout the poor photos bellow. and anyone have any tips re the fads and Texas reef for me.? I’ve been finding it hard to get a king in the boat lately.
  14. Help reading the water, temp colour and direction

    Lowrance ti-5 at the moment, heaps of features on it and I’ve been hitting the YouTube tutorials and pick up more each time I head out on the water!. and will keep it in mind to find the structure around upcurrent end of the reefs ! cheers for all the tips, it’s all coming together
  15. Help reading the water, temp colour and direction

    Thanks paddy thats certainly all new info to me. Does particular swell direction / winds / currents bring in different tempts and water quality? Ill look for that tide change to mate and sit on those schools, I am finding it hard to read the sounder and identifying the differences between a schools of bait and decent fish.