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  1. Thanks captain spanner! great info hopefully will be able to try that when I am there great info really helps
  2. Will be taking 4 rods up so will be ready for any type of fishing cheers
  3. Thanks guttamouth that's what I need!!!! Will travel during the day just not after about 12 than on the piss! You talking about Barnes rocks? And will travel for livies best bet for jewies mate so get feeding me info the more the better there is a few of us going so will try everything! Is it near impossible to catch these squid up there?
  4. What about closer to winda whoppa will be drinking and fishing all day don't want to travel sorry guys
  5. Where is little gibber? What bait there?
  6. anyone else got any information the care to share? any at all the more i know the better. thanks raiders.
  7. Any information on the winda whoppa area would be great thanks
  8. What about live bait places and techniques? Any other info about the place would be great..... thanks again
  9. Boulders is a big walk though I believe? Was trying to stay close to winda whoops if possible.........
  10. is this all at the winda whoppa end of jimmy beach? where can you pump for yabbies. The more info the better. What about fishing the river at that end also. The currents is quite strong from the past but have caught fish with lots of snags also. thanks
  11. sorry meant will be jimmy beach and myall river my bad
  12. Hi fellow raiders, Heading up to hawkes nest early november for fishing trip. Been before for with moderate success can anyone give me any more tips up there. Will be staying at Winda Whoppa land based only and not fishing around jimmy beach and the river. Any information about bait, lures, rigs, tecniques and live bait will be helpful. All information is good information. thanks raiders