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  1. Fishing buddy

  2. Fishing buddy

    Cheers guys and will keep that in mind And Steve that sounds good, I’m based in Penrith miles away from everything. Apart from the Nepean river.
  3. Fishing buddy

    Good day guys, cut the story short I’m a Pommey guy with no mates and no sense of direction. I need to get back into fishing and with me living here now I seriously need to get some action in this summer. I want to get into the lbg and get some pelagics. Would always be up for the road trips camping fishing up north. I need to find a cool Aussie guy with experience to land me a beasty gt or tuna. Fishing background is pretty well, boat fishing, salt and fresh, fly fishing. Even some info on good landmarks would be a bonus. regards and tight lines boys 🎣