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  1. 510 Brooker with 60hp?

  2. Members Boats.

    Christmas present to myself, my first new boat Brooker 510 with Mercury 80 four stroke, goes well!!
  3. 510 Brooker with 60hp?

    I've decided to go ahead regardless of the issue with Brooker being no more. I can't complain about the price and have gone with an 80 Mercury 4 stroke which should be fine, thanks for the input guys. Going to Lake Mac/Port Stephens over Christmas hoping to put a bend in a rod or two!!
  4. 510 Brooker with 60hp?

    thanks for the replies. The sales guy is telling me that the 60 Command Thrust engine would do the job fine and that is the engine he is trying to sell me but I'm thinking that maybe he just has one sitting on a stand out the back he wants to shift. The hull is a 2016 and has been sitting on the yard for quite a while. My other concern is now that Brooker have gone belly up will that have any ramifications down the track when it comes to sell/update?
  5. 510 Brooker with 60hp?

    Looking at upgrading my current Stacer 429 to a new Brooker 510. The dealer is quoting me a price with a 60hp Mercury 4 stroke Command Thrust engine. To me seems a little light on for the size of the boat? Any thoughts appreciated.