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  1. Hi James - my 10 year old son and wife joined as newbies this year - they had a ball
  2. Thanks Jim - dawn and dusk it is - what sort of bait did you use beside bread?
  3. I am off to Lord Howe for a couple of days and I will be bringing a couple of light rods with me - last time I went, I just couldn’t get those silver drummers off the wharf to bite at anything - anyone got any success? If so, can you share with me some tips to get a hookup? thanks
  4. Hi all, I charter an annual trip to Swains reef for our local sydney fishing club (wentys) with one of the big operators in Gladstone. Our next trip is in late July 2018. We still have 4 spots remaining. It’s a 7 day trip - let me know if anyone is interested (PM me) in joining. It’s a 2 share room and we have 6 dories on the mothership. If you haven’t been to the Swains, think lots of red throat emperors, Spanish macks, coral trout. I attach some photos of our trip this year
  5. Hi Frosty my crew just came back from the night crossing in July - any gear with 40lb+ line will be fine. I did some light gear fishing and it was terrific. The night crossing is an amazing boat and the Spanish mackerel trolling was fantastic. Have fun.