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  1. thanks @Jewhunter! . Sweet as @PRED-ATOR i might try snapper rock on the above map it is quite deep straight off the ledge according to the charts. Im gonna go down for a recon tomorrow morning and possibly have a spin either there or jews point. @PRED-ATOR gimme a text if ya wanna come along mate 0458 276 836 or just contact me if ya wanna throw lures sometime im not working at the moment so always keen
  2. Hi Peeps! looking for a budd or few to tag along for LBG rock fishing just to make it a bit safer. Keen for dawn runs around the GC or more likely down south a bit. If anyone has any info on safe spots for solo fishing also appreciated. This summer ill be spinning seaway, currumbin, fingal, and Lennox among others. Does anyone know if all of Broken head is marine zone? Thanks Guys.