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  1. spit bridge on live tailor part 2

    yeah those chopper will smash anything
  2. spit bridge on live tailor part 2

    all livies were at least 30 cm and thanks guys yeah ill never stop trying. cheers
  3. spit bridge on live tailor part 2

    thanks everyone yeah heaps of fun cheers for the tips and the ID
  4. Hi all, went to the spit tonight about 1.15am and caught some tailor for livies. Threw one out on my overhead whuch is spooled with about 350m 50lb high abrasion mono he swam around for a while taking out a bit of line i noticed he was heading in the right direction and not a minute later bam!!! big hit and im losing line faster than could imagine was possible what a fish it was nearly an hour before it settled down enough to let me see it after nearly emptying my spool twice i brang it up and it was a mako shark about 105cm was a lot of fun to catch and ended up getting another 2 which were a bit bigger at 112cm and 117cm. all in all good night even though i didnt get any jews which is what i was going for. cheers. ps the photo is the first one which was the smallest . then my phone died
  5. going to use livies under the spit bridge tonight

    got taken for a couple of big runs on live and butterflied tailor not sure what it was though and landed a huge ray but no jews
  6. going to use livies under the spit bridge tonight

    will do. cheers
  7. going to use livies under the spit bridge tonight

    thats what i was hoping
  8. hey, i am going to go to the spit bridge tonight and try my luck on some live tailor baits and as they have to be of legal size i was wondering will there be anything around big enough to take the bait. any tips on using tailor for live bait would be appreciated.