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  1. Cheers. Are mullets swim in schools? Are they usually out during the day? I noticed that Yakkas are never able to be found in the day time for some reason. Also where do mullets like hanging around? Shallow water near a structure or something? Also what fish love to eat mullet beside Flathead?
  2. For those that are in the area Liverpool and close by suburbs. I want to catch some bait for my fishing trip which is on Saturday. I have never tried catching bait at Chipping Norton which is the George’s River. -Can anyone who has had some experience let me know what kind of bait fish can be caught there? -What is the best method, rig setup and bait to use to catch them? -Can they be caught any time of the day and night? -Are they easy to catch and a lot of bait fish there? I have caught bait fish in the past at a different location @ wharfs at night time but that was the only time. So would be appreciated if anyone had experience at the above area to give me some info. Thanks.
  3. Sydney Harbour - Balmain, Barangaroo

    Thanks for the info. So would this be the area they warned about? Towards The Star, Barangaroo and Goat Island? I noticed the sign has been up since like 2005 or something, do you know if the dioxin have increased or decreased since then?
  4. Hey just caught a couple good size Bream and Snapper today at Sydney Harbour. Was at Balmain and near Barangaroo side. Can I eat these fish? I have seen post and signs about toxins but this is many years ago. It says to not eat west of Harbour Bridge, what is considered to be west? Is my spot safe to eat these day? Anyone who has experience fishing here please let me know do you eat your catch and is it safe to eat now etc...?
  5. Anyone know a good land based fishing spot around Sydney that has active amounts of fish? Which also has access to rocks to fish from (nothing too dangerous more calm rock fishing would be more better) and also access to a wharf near by for when it gets dark etc....
  6. Soft Plastics - Newbie

    Well I am just starting out and don’t need to know the advanced stuff yet. I just want to know the basics. I know soft plastics are used with jig heads from researching but I also want to know if one does not have a jig head can you rig it up still? If so, how? Would I have to add a sinker or something? Can I just have a small sinker above the hook just like a jig head. Please recommend me a way that is what my question was, sorry if it did not make sense.
  7. Failed Fishing Trip - Curious?

    Also another curious question for everyone (please list your routine): -When going out to land base fishing what determines if it will be fish around? Do you guys look at the weather and Barometric pressure? What is the main thing to look up on for a good fishing day? -Also let’s say I’m fishing off a rock how to know or tell which is a good spot to pick? What should I be looking for in terms of picking a spot and where to aim my cast.
  8. Failed Fishing Trip - Curious?

    Thanks for commenting. If I understand correctly so if the sinker is above the swivel the bait will be at the bottom but moving or floating abit? Where as sinker on hook will make the bait dead on the floor?
  9. Live Yakkas - Please Help

    Yeah they seem to be a lot at night time around wharf with light. Though can you only catch them at night? Do they only come out at night or anytime? Hence I tried catching them in the day but non in sight. Can someone who knows a fair bit about catching these fellas shed some info.
  10. Soft Plastics - Newbie

    It’s really simple question. I have look on YouTube to all are using jig heads. Though my question above is do all soft plastics require a jig head? Or I don’t have to go buy one and use a different rig setup for it?
  11. Failed Fishing Trip - Curious?

    Another question I have got is: -Those guys were using no sinkers/swivel. Why is that? Any reason for not using a sinker etc? -If using no sinker how are you meant to cast out far when there is no weight to launch the line? -Also always wonder what is the difference and purpose of having the sinker above the swivel? And the sinker above the hook? Can someone please tell me the purpose for each method.
  12. Failed Fishing Trip - Curious?

    Yeh true, would a 3/0 circle hook be a much suitable size for small to medium fish? I don’t want to catch monsters. More Bream and pelagic fish is fine with me. Also the bait I’m using with the hooks will be chunks, bits and whole/half fillet of Yakkas, Pilchard and occassional Squid and Prawns. So is my current 5/0 circle hook more for live Yakkas and for catching bigger fish like monster size etc?
  13. Live Yakkas - Please Help

    I have caught live Yakkas one time before and I have seen them around at night time near the wharf though on Sunday I went out to go catch them, arrived at the wharf at 1pm but I could not see any in sight. Why is this? Are Yakkas only a night time fish or? Anyone who has experience please give me some info on this. Another question, I want to try somewhere close by to catch Yakkas so I have some bait for the weekend and I don’t want to goto the same wharf as it is abit of a drive out. Does anyone know the closest and successful place to catch them at? I live in Liverpool so somewhere that is close by would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Soft Plastics - Newbie

    Hey guys, I have bought some soft plastics and have used it but never really looked up how to use them properly etc... so now I have abit of time to research I got a few things I like to know. 1) When rigging the soft plastics do I need a jig head? Or you don’t need to use one? If so, how would I go about doing so without a jig head? 2) What are some common and basic rig setup for soft plastic? 3) When casting the soft plastics out with a spinning reel. Do I just leave it out to sit or do I want to wind the soft plastic in slowly? Can anyone recommend me a technique for SP?
  15. Went out yesterday fishing at land based around the harbour on the other side more towards Rosebay. We didn’t catch not one fish but other people beside us kept hooking them in. Got a few questions here. 1) What time is the best time when fish are biting? Is it just before high tide and after high tide? 2) We was using baits: Yakkas (frozen from one week ago), Chicken Guts on a normal bottom sinker setup with light mono line and 10lb fluro leader with 5/0 circle hook. Why did we not catch anything? I would of thought fresher Yakka bait than servo bait would atleast land something? Plus we was at same spot using same bait last time and caught decent fish. Also the guys down beside us kept catching plenty of fish all day though I think they were using bread and no sinker or swivel just line and hook with bread. If I could see correctly I think the fish were a couple of Trevally. Why were they catching fish what was it that they doing that made them catch so much? Hope someone can help me out...